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For those concerned they may have Asperger’s Syndrome, the Autism Quotient or AQ Test can help with self diagnosis. This short multiple choice questionnaire was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen from the Autism Research Centre.

Many thousands of people of have taken this test which has proved to be an effective screening mechanism in the diagnosis of Aspergers and other Autism Spectrum Disorders such as PDD-Nos. It can be used by adults as well as parents taking the test on behalf of their children.

It is important to note that while this test can be used to give an indication of the likelihood of having Asperger’s Syndrome, it is not meant to replace a formal medical diagnosis. The AQ Test can be a great screening tool which can be used  which can be used to indicate the likelihood Aspergers, PDD Nos or other forms of Autism.

Please see this post for a more detailed explanation of the test format.



Take the AQ / Asperger’s Test

The test is completely FREE and is comprised of a number of multiple choice questions.

For each question please indicate to what degree you relate to each statement ( ie definitely agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, definitely disagree).

At the end of the test you will receive a score which can be used to assess the likelihood of having Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism.

Please visit the post entitled Interpreting AQ Test Results for an understanding of what these results mean in layman’s terms.

Please note we do not store the results of the test.

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215 thoughts on “Take the online Aspergers Test

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  2. I suspect I may not be diagnosed as properly ASP, but I suspect I’m defintely somewhere between autistic and normal – spanning the gap. I work in programming and seem to understand some who are OCD, truly down a rabbit hole, and those who require their skills. I’m an older man – 47 – and have had numerous assignments where I’ve clearly annoyed women with bluntness that offends propriety, though not harassing at all.

    • I also am within programming and music. It was very interesting finding that this is the route where people with Aspurgers syndrome should go down.

      • hay joect, i initialy scored 33 as i apply it to my life today–im 56. when i just re-took the test as when i was in High School i scored a 37. Many of the questions do not have the answer i want to say. like if i dislike social situations. well if its 2-4 ppl then i like them. if its a party or group of more then bout 10 or like a big crowd, then no. when i do go to some big crowded place i get quite anxious and it really tires me out. I almost refuse to go to Walmart. in 5 minits im angry and cant wait to get out of there…
        hope that helps. reall in many ways i do much better now then when i was young. I have never had a formal dx, but my sister and nephew are Aspies and i hve several friens who are too and i like hanging with them. their unusual behavior doesnt bother me cuz i know whats going on and accept them for them…..

    • Hi there was you son on the aspergers spectrum as I have done the test for one of my foster children and it gives a positive reading which is what I thought as I have worked a little with aspergers thanks Sharyn x h

  3. James on said:

    Scored a 33. Knew something is dif about me since I was young. 40 now and dont know what to do. Like Stacey, I had thought it related to childhood experiences. Not enough space here to explain it all and dont want ti discuss with pe
    ople that wouldnt understand

  4. 40.

    At least now I know the name of the devil (besides ADHD) and can work to compensate.

    Much better than shooting in the dark for 30 years.

  5. Michael James Goetz on said:

    I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was little, I was in special ed my hole life up until a couple years ago. now I am in online school working by myself and am even more afraid of people than I remember being before. I am in my senior year and worried about the future; people, jobs, environment. meeting new people, not knowing anyone, not having any friends ever again since I started online school.I hoped that this test would give me some closer, just scared me more and more. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I find it exhausting and scarry just to order food from a restaurant. I practiced writing the other day and it was very very sloppy because I haven’t written a paragraph on paper in so long and just typed. I’m afraid I will not remember how to live or know how people want me to live or whats expected of me soon

    • Wow that was so well put. It’s like you spoke what I didn’t know I needed to say.
      Thank you for helping me see what I need to not (and am) letting slip away.

    • todays world does make you scared.world news focusinh on all the disasters and violance pumping it to us through a tv device. neighbours are scared because that neighbour might be a criminal or pedo… Switch those thing off go to nature. Only in there I have the feeling of belonging of equality and peace. We are ALL created for big things and will that can succeed to make them happen. The only difference is that some realize it. YOu have to know that you too can stop putting yourself down!! do it step by step prepare something funny to say to a lady at the counter -play the dialogue in your head and say it! We are all scared from not beeing accepted. What connects us is empathy. So make your deeds to be based on that emotion. LOve to you all.

    • charlene on said:

      Gosh. How are you doing today? My daughter, she’s 18 and we are just finding out she may have this. She struggled with anxiety and depression for years and this is explaining so much. She too just started online classes and she is overwhelmed with the world. I hope you hang in there. You should try to connect with her as I think you’d have a lot in common. Do you have a Facebook? Maybe she could send you a message??

    • You know, there is no other way than to practice. I used to afraid of people. but once I practiced to approach people I had gained benefits.Not that I did not have the anxiety feeling of being around people but I had improved. I can now talk to people but not like A plus but it was an ok achievement. Like when someone is afraid of heigts. If u face the fear it will go away, I guess, Im still working on it.

    • The world is not a level playing field. Equality may be something we are born with (and probably die to) but in between we are not equals. May I offer a bit of wisdom. I’m 56 and just recently diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Inside I feel no confidence, a great fear, and a great neediness. However, I don’t need to show it! I put on a mask and costume and walk out into the world pretending I’m on a stage. I’m loud, over-confident, cool-headed, and I get people to laugh and have fun – it is all a front, a character, a falsehood. This is what the world really wants. So, give it to them! No one really needs to know our secret.

  6. A friends Son has recently been diagnosed with Aspurgers, I too am learning what is is.
    *Taking the test has made me wonder about myself!

  7. 42/50. knew i was different all my life. better at anything mental than anyone else ive met. been unable to sleep all my life and hate meeting anyone new. offend people constantly without knowing why. have been using cannabis since 13 and found the symptoms such as going mad at someone for touching something of mine or being unable to sleep disappeared. weed definitely gives my mind a rest and recommend anyone else to try it

  8. Jon Nas on said:

    Thank you! Curious to know the result, have taken this test as a friend has recently been diagnosed with aspergers and we seem very similar.

  9. Es interesante. Pienso que algunos autistas pueden tener una buena calidad de vida, tal vez permitiendo que quienes están cerca conozcan un poco más de ellos.

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  11. I read some of the comments from people who definitly seem to have aspergers. I was concerened about my son, and in the process, just took the test for myself. (I scored a 46!) I’m 52 now…but I took the test remembering how I felt for the majority of my life…realizing that I too, thought it was related to childhood, and had issues my whole life that led me to a life of drug addiction. Most of my life I didn’t even like people, and didn’t care if they liked me. But I still worried about what they thought about me all the time. It was about all I thought about. And like everyone else, I wanted to be able to hold down a job. And boy were there issues there. (because so much emphasis is placed on being able to work ‘with’ people) Had I only known…but the part i wanted to say was that working through life, i’ve overcome a lot of it. I don’t worry about what people think about what i have to say 1/100th as much as I did when I was much younger. And I’ve always enjoyed being good in math, and grew up thinking that part was a gift…so don’t worry too much. you will overcome a lot of it if you want to. I went to a good church (Calvary Chapel) where I learned to associate with people without a lot of judgment, and with a lot of love & patience just by watching other people and just imitate what appears to be healthy behavior, and also voicing my fears to people, who then tell me it simply didn’t matter. (feedback is great!) As time passes, things get a lot better. (for me they did)

  12. Im so confused. I was never diagnosed with autism as a child. But I have a severely hard time making friends. I feel socially awkward, I can get along with guys but not girls (im a girl). But even with many guys i feel like i dont know what to say, and this makes me really depressed. When i finally make a friend i try to think of excuses not to hang out because i rather be alone. I like to sit in my room and just send text messages to people. I have a really hard time comprehending reading, my english has seemed to gotten worse as i got older. I feel like i used to be smart but not anymore. Im always doubting myself and feel like im not good enough to do things. Im on a lot of medication, im always worried what people will think of me, because i feel like everyone hates me. Im in my mid twenties and I constantly miss work because of bad days, some days i feel like i just cant be around people. I only like to have a few close people in my life. I have a strong fear of rejection and im always worried i said something to upset someone. As a kid i would throw tantrums a lot and i still have anger issues even with my managers I will not think before i speak when i get into an angry mood. I talk too much to smoe people i know well, i dont ever let others get a word in, then with people i dont know i feel like i have to say things to make them like me and even when people tell me they do i think they are lying. I have to take a ton of anxiety medication if im meeting someone for the first time. Even leaving my house gives me anxiety. I rather sit home all day and do nothing. The depression is controlling my life and my ocd my repetitive behaviours is out of control. im always late because this is my normal routine and its almost impossible for me to be on time. I was diagnosed with so many different things but this was not one of them but seems like it fits me the most . Confused

    • Hey Christy :)
      It’s almost like my mind is similar to you, what were you diagnosed with??
      I wish you well, Christy :)
      I hope you’ll get better and happier! :) xxx

    • Josh Edwards on said:

      Hi Christy,

      I’ve read a great deal of the comments people have posted on here and yours seemed the most similar to how I feel.

      I was never diagnosed with anything as a child, I was just described as “quite shy”. I’ve always struggled in social situations. Usually I just don’t know what to say to people, like I don’t know how to start conversations and I don’t know how to keep a conversation going once someone else has started one. It seems like whatever I say just kills the conversation and this really gets me down. I also can get along with guys more so than girls, but still struggle with a lot of guys. I’ve spent the majority of my free time this year by myself, locked away in my room, barely seeing, texting or keeping in contact with anyone because I struggle so much doing it. I’ve noticed my ability to keep in contact with my friends has got so much worse in the last few years. I’m 22 now and have 2 friends I consider to be close friends, and I even text those guys way less than any normal person would text their best friends because I don’t know what I’m supposed to be saying or talking about. I also feel the same way about reading as you do! I don’t understand how people can read books! I have tried reading novels and stuff in the past but I can never get properly into them, and it just feels like I’m looking at a bunch of words on a page instead of a story. I’m extremely worried about what people think of me, not really in the way I look, but I’m always worried people are judging me because of my lack of social skills and then I get worried that they think I’m weird. I have them days like you where I can’t be around people, like if a group of people I know want to go do something I’ll get texts and I’ll ignore them, then eventually I’ll get phone calls from them and I’ll ignore them too. I feel terrible for doing it but I do it ALL THE TIME! I’ve tried opening up to my closer friends about everything and it does feel kind of good to get some of these issues off my chest, but at the same time I feel as if they don’t understand and are thinking to themselves that I’m overly dramatic or weird. I haven’t felt normal for a long while. I scored 38 on this test, but I don’t want to be one of those people that does an online test and instantly accepts that they have that condition. I’ve been looking into depression and bi-polar disorders and have shown symptoms, but at the end of the day I’m not a doctor so I can’t say for sure that’s what’s wrong with me. But I think getting a high score on this test as well as a few for depression has made me think that I should go see a doctor.

  13. Hello, I’m almost 60 yoa. My father was a mechanical engineer, my cousins are physicist, I am a psychiatric nurse with OCD and was wondering about myself even further than OCD.

    After taking this test and another, I am almost positive I am close to autistic or have had Aspergers all my life or something like this.

    I have worked with great difficulty and find leaving my home to go to work is a task.

    When I drive to work it is an hour drive to and from. When going either way, I MUST have an exact time that I leave the hours and the map and mileage go hand and hand and are two musts I have done all my life.

    I though it was OCD but am convinced now it is more Aspergers.

    PS, my father, the rocket scientist had a diagnosis of “mild Autism,” dated 1950′s so I’m extremely curious about my own.

    Thank you, bojenn

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  15. I’m very intrested in figuring out the human mind but at the same time I’ve always been very antisocial. Even as a kid I prefered books & maybe 1 or 2 close friends but rarely do I connect on a certain level with people. I get people, read them well. Learned & taught myself how to I guess put on a show and interact with others but inside I prefer to do things alone. I do sometimes like to hang with others but not as much as everyone else & its been a source of lots of guilt throughout the years.

    • Sarah just read your comments, could have been written about me,sometimes wish I wasn’t like this but truthfully love my own company despite being in long term relationship and having child,good luck with rest of your life.

  16. It says I have a 34….Problem is I thought people with aspergers weren’t very emotional?I’m so emotional and caring about other people that it’s ridiculous.I try to put myself in other people shoes and feel what they might feel.I’m just very socially awkward when it comes to conversations and any type of social situation.Most of the time I have no idea what I should say or do.I had social anxiety at one point.

  17. G Troy on said:

    Have been diagnosed as BPD but today my therapist asked me what I thought about Aspbergers and I have always been curious, so I took the test!

  18. Katy77449 on said:

    I have always felt different to others, I do like to be around others but not being on the spot light. Not sure if I have self esteem problems, sometimes I feel others are better but other times I feel superior. I get really anxious about having to talk while at a table

  19. Lee Sylvester on said:

    I have long thought myself to have CAPD. My wife has been saying for years that she believes I have Autism or Aspergers. Finally, I’m starting to think it’s possible, too. I just always thought I wasn’t a people person, preferring to get on with the many inventive / creative things I love. Now, I’m starting to see a pattern that’s changing my mind considerably.

  20. S. Alexander on said:

    Many questions are a bit leading, but since an overall assessment is desired, that should make little difference.

  21. Marina Marina on said:

    Today my son’s teacher invited me to school because my 7 year old boy used F-word second time. Finally she suspected that he get that sindrom, and advised to me the consultation with specialist.So, I start from me, perhaps I got it too.

  22. Vince S on said:

    And now it is all working again! The symptoms gave every indication of being a server end issue which is obviously fixed now. I got a score of 16 and my purpose to doing that was to check where I am parked so I can now have a crack at filling it out on behalf of another who I am almost certain has aspergers and I just want to test the idea before gently leading them in the direction to do the self discovery thing, with the consequential actions that should follow if the probability is confirmed.

  23. Vince S on said:

    well if you are wondering the score I got for the other person was 32, but I also realise about 10 of the q’s were a guess where I took the “slightly” option for whichever way I felt the answer was slanted. So we need to get a “real” number but it is looking like this is an aspect to what has been happening! We are both approx 50yo.
    One thing, the q about making up stories is unclear – are we talking about effortless lies or is it an ability to spontaneously create an imaginative situation?

  24. At first, I was trying to enter responses on behalf of my adult son because I suspect he may have aspergers. Instead, I entered my own responses as I started to question ‘how far the apple falls from the tree’. I won’t reject or accept a diagnosis based on this qsnairre. It will merely assist me to be more attuned with myself and those around me. Looking fwd to the results.

  25. I don’t like the autism awareness ribbon. It has too much yellow. I don’t like things that are yellow. And yellow should never be touching the red. This is upsetting

  26. just had to take this as i’m beginning to wonder if i have asbergers as the more i find out about it the more i think i’ve got it

  27. I’ve always felt I had some form of Aspergers; it’s more than introversion. And it’s not just social skills but learning styles and how I process new information. Looking forward to my scores.

  28. Robert on said:

    Well this couldn’t be a diagnostic test when it could take hours of professional examining and still have no clear diagnoses.but I guess it gives a basic idea if you answer honestly as possible

  29. denise on said:

    its weird because i love being in my room by myself more than i should…i find tons of things to immerse myself in, such as reading, my phone, my computer, the tv, my arts and crafts and cleaning and organizing keep me occupied and happy! yet because i can be completely fine without people worries me…then again when I DO go out and socialize with friends, i am great at it. I usually make strangers feel like weve been friends forever. but then i go back home and i shut my doors on everyone until im ready to go back out. im curious to know if i have a condition…

  30. Colin C on said:

    My son has been diagnosed with AS and I have noticed loads of his traits in myself. So this is the first step in seeing if I also have AS.

  31. bianca dell andrea via Madonna 20 31015 CONEGLIANO TV on said:

    Sono Studente di Psicologia, 3° anno. Sto preparando tesi per Laurea breve: “Autismo.Asperger in adulti” non diagnosticati nel passato. Per favore, chiedo di essere informata su qualche ‘caso’ per giustificare il supporto degli studi che già posseggo da Psichiatria e Genetica.
    Mantenetemi aggiornata. Grazie.
    Bianca Dell’Andrea

  32. Julie Brown on said:

    I am 57 years old & have always felt like I didn’t
    belong.. After reading about aspergers I’m wondering if I have some aspect of it.

  33. can dorman on said:

    Fascinated by the results.What an amazing questions! Perfectly shaped for the ones who are looking for who they are in reality

  34. Fran B on said:

    This is to see if my son has Aspergers, because he is really struggling to fit in anywhere, and his life is miserable and it shouldn’t be.

    • I feel the exact same way about my son…it “shouldn’t be”… but something is a little odd…could it be A.S.? It sure would explain issues with school, he’s very smart but not thriving…I don’t get it. S.O.S. any ideas?

  35. Lisbeth on said:

    Interesting. I am curious to see the results because no one above me in the family tree had it (not biologically at least) but my daughter and her son have it

  36. eric76 on said:

    I never really thought about Asperger’s, but came across something about prosopagnosia which explains a lot — I recognize people primarily by the sound of their voice rather than looking at their face. There appears to be some correlation with Asperger’s. When reading up on Asperger’s, I came across this test on several different web sites, took the test, and made a 42. I also appear to meet a number of the criteria for ADHD except for the hyperactivity traits, and some obsessive-compulsiveness traits as well.

    I thought I was fairly normal, but now I’m starting to wonder.

  37. Charlene on said:

    Believing my daughter is displaying symptoms I gave her the test to do. I also did the test out of curiosity. I scored a 9, my daughter scored a 47. I’m pleased I have listened to my gut instincts and booked a pediatrician appointment regardless of other peoples judgement believing its all about my parenting. Thank you.

  38. Yumi Shirogami on said:

    I was under suspicion of having Asperger Syndrome (The unique feature of ASD that I did not fit was the “imagination” – I started hating Lorna Wing and Leo Kanner …).
    My boyfriend (who is also a distant cousin of mine) was diagnosed as aspie, but do not think he has, he is much more sociable than me! XD

  39. It was suggested by a friend that I probably have AS. I scored a 44 (maximum is 50) on this and a 172 out of 200 on another test. I believe I should be evaluated by a professional.

  40. I’m diagnosed with mild autism/ asperges and I scored 24! These tests are similar to questions your asked but I was diagnosed mainly from my past. They think I was born with it and its wired cuz from ages 3-14 I was really out going, wild, crazy, clever But now for past 8 years I find it hard to talk in social situations, dont make eye contact, the complete opposite!

  41. Melissa on said:

    I took this on behalf of my boyfriend of 10 years. I have said for years when people ask me why I stay with him, that I swear he has Asperger’s. He scored a 44! I can’t wait to go home and take it with him to see his perception. Then to figure what to do to help him.

  42. Holden Douglas (Doug) Cook on said:

    I may be the most dislxic person who got through college. Though I try, I have difficulty understanding what other people are thinking and why they do some things in the way they do. I seem to have better space perception than most people.

  43. Joseph Lovett on said:

    My son is 7 and been dignaosed with Aspergers. I was asking him a question just to see what he said – The first question I asked was #22 – but I said to him, “Do you have trouble making new friends”

    “OF Course, you can’t MAKE a friend.” He cracked me up!

  44. my parents keep assuring me I don’t have it but when I do the test I got 44, I did it on another site and got 41. This is leaving me confused

  45. AS runs in my families blood. I am quite sure my dad had it. Know 4 of 5 of siblings have scores on AQ that would indicate tendency. Having a dad with some level of AS, made it easier to deal with. He had strategies, Bad mood, Go put on some gloves and hit the heavy bag. When told my brother was retarded and would be best kept in a special school. Dad made flash cards, taught my brother, a rhode scholar, to read. Dad made genuine insightful strides, he told us all “find out what you love to do, you will be the best there is at it”. And he was right

  46. apparently back in the early to mid 90′s I was noted with PPD-NoS. I stumpled over this and figure I’d check out the end results

  47. 30 year old female on said:

    I scored 35 on the test. Growing up I always had trouble with friendships and got distracted easily. I also get annoyed and mad very easily. I’m also fascinated with math. Yup, I’m an Aspie.

  48. I always felt like I did not belong. I am twelve, and yesterday I was reading a book in which the main character had Aspergers. Almost immediately after reading a few pages, something clicked. I realized with almost absolute certainty that I had Aspergers. Taking this test was only a reassurance. Strangely enough, I feel not like I do not belong, but more like I am normal, and that all my weird little things can be explained.

    • Eve Macpherson on said:

      Max, It is so wonderful that you have understanding now. My husband spent his entire life feeling the same way. But it wasn’t until I tried to get answers on the internet that we discovered he is an Aspie. Now we can embrace his unique way of thinking and doing things and he has learned to recognize non-verbal cues and social interaction. He has come a very long way and his life and self-esteem has improved so very much. You will have a fantastic life now that you have understanding and can move forward.

      • My daughter is dating a guy that I am sure has this. He has never heard of it, but he is dyslexic. He worries so much about what we think of him, it seems weird, he has a very hard time ordering in restaurants and often says he is not hungry when we know he is. He says he rarely can sleep, and is OCD. We often tell him he is rude and he seems to get it after we explain, but says the same things the next day. He is 18. My question to you – Should we tell him? Is it possible for him to learn to be different or will it be too much pressure and make him worry even more? His parents want him to join the military because they think he just needs to “man up”. I am worried for him, but don’t want to make his life worse.

  49. julie on said:

    I just don’t want to believe it is true that I have AS, i don’t want to believe it is my reality, though I know it is.

  50. Charles on said:

    I am not convinced that a 50 question test can give good diagnosis. Not everyone that feels disconnected from society suffers from a syndrome. Not every personality can be so easily defined and categorized. I think reducing every one and everything to a TYPE or a SYNDROME only works to kill creativity and destroy the magic that is humanity. In high school I am convinced I would have scored high in this test and been diagnosed with AS. Now its 25 years later and I have matured and grown and discovered the places and people in life I am comfortable with. I am successful and happy and my ideas and thoughts have evolved. I don’t think we should take this so seriously. Especially the young people. Take your score with a grain salt and don’t allow your counselors or teachers or parents to so easily saddle you with a REASON or a WHY or a CAUSE or a SYNDROME or a DIAGNOSIS.

    • Whole heartedly agree!!!! I think everyone should look into the history of Aspergers to decipher what it actually is and what it’s about. There is a “wide range” of the autism spectrum. I think yes, some can be clearly defined as autistic, while others are just..different. Aspergers, imo is a label.

      My mother just sent me this test because she was curious and believes I have AS. But I don’t think she has fully believed I have changed in any way. I am like you, Charles, have grown and matured, be it late. I was underperforming in my younger years, but now I am outperforming my peers and going beyond.

  51. Sussie on said:

    I have also felt i was different for a long time; slow in picking things up at school, (which I thought it might have something to do with coming from another background), I remember having special individual reading and writing time with a teachers way back in the 70’s (which I guess I was lucky to have compassionate teachers who took the time. At school it was hard for me to break the ice to making friends, but once someone wanted to make me a friend i was able to keep them as a friend, I thought I was just shy. But really I just found it hard in the initial stages of making friends; I always waited for them to approach me over me approaching them. It just wasn’t one of my strong suitors but most of the time I just kept to myself a lot. . I knew I was smart and capable but I just didn’t know what they wanted from me, so I just did the best I could. Spending time alone at home was easy, I could find things to keep me occupied. And anything that needed my full attention like needle pointing or knitting. And TV was the also one of the things that could keep my attention. But all was lost, from that I was able to pick up a lot of the social norms and how people interacted between each other. But I also picked up a lot of false beliefs, being misinformed about people’s behaviours. I remember being in my head a lot, always thinking and pondering, and being philosophical about things and wondered a lot about how things worked, how did they come to that conclusion and why. But one of the side effects from being in your head a lot is that I was able to think things over and over to the point where I would start to worry and be very analytical about things. Which in turn, I would find myself being mentally in hamster wheel going around and around with no end. I remember people always saying to me to lighten up and not to take things too seriously and think about things and question things a-lot. I just think that was normal since I had a lot of time to think about things as I wasn’t playing with other kids a lot or because I wasn’t overly social with people as I got older. But as I did get older and found answers to my deficiency and people could see me for ME; apart from my awkwardness, that I meant no harm from my strange mannerisms, and once they involved me in their social groups I was able to be sociable.

    So having children my-self now who have been diagnosis with Autism spectrum disorder, (but at the highly functioning diagnosis), I can see things in them, the same symptoms and behaviours I had when I was a child myself. I deeply sympathise with them to what they are going through. I know through myself that it’s not a fair life to be at a disadvantaged to other kids. But what I do know is that they are the most sweeties and most loving kids who have all the time and compassion in the world for other kids. And even to this day I myself wonder how other people can be nasty to other people and why, when we all are seeking love and understanding from each other. But again, that is the problem to a logical thinking autism/Asperger’s person. Things always seem to amaze/puzzle me to why people do the things they do.
    As i see it, we are all human and we all have certain issues and obsticles to over come…so i see myself more and more as normal as the next person.

  52. I don’t know how to take your test! I understand “Definitely agree” and “Definitely disagree.” But if I slightly agree with something that means that I *disagree* more than I agree, otherwise, I would *mostly* agree. But the order that the answers are in makes it seem like “slightly agree” means “mostly agree.”

    Example: I’m cooking and my hand is definitely unburnt at the start. My hand slips on the pan and I get a little burn on the tip of my finger. I’m then going to say that I slightly burnt my hand. That means that most of it is unburnt.

    Please help explain what you meant to say with your answer choices!

  53. Lily on said:

    is easier to simply avoid them. Sometimes I feel like I am an incredibly self absorbed person. I prefer working with things, ideas, and animals and not people. I rarely think about other people, and I don’t know what it is to become emotionally attached to someone or to miss someone. I honestly have benevelont intentions toward the human race. I think we all very fascinating and have accomplished some marvelous things. It is only on the individual level that I cannot seem to connect to anyone. I feel as though I live on a separate plane, or as though there is a language barrier which will always prevent me from enjoying the interpersonal connections which see to be so important to everyone else.

  54. Lily on said:

    And… three quarters of my comment is gone. It was just my life’s history, anyway, which is no doubt boring. Anyway, I am a high school sophomore and I got a 40. I’m not sure what to think.

  55. This test is dangerous since it is full of questions which can’t be answered. It is impossible to say if I would prefer the library before a party since the answer depends on several reasons, e. g. what kind of party it is. Only anther persons can tell if I am diplomatic. How should question # 2 be interpreted? Does “over and over” imply when I am cleaning my house I almost always start with the living room?

    This is only a few examples of very strange, unspecific questions which implies that you can get any result you wish.

    • Brian Deckerd on said:

      I agree with you same for me
      I guess your good at noticing those strange patterns and questions that need more info like me especially the one you Mentioned about party question..it really depends in what type what music what kind of people…for me anyways

  56. I took the quiz just to see what my score would be, knowing I do not have any form of Autism. My score was 8! My ex took this test he was in the 40′s…he and my son are both Aspie’s! Both were officially diagnosed not long after taking this test

  57. Sarah on said:

    I scored 34 and I am bipolar, but my psych doc told me there are asperger traits within bipolar? My partner(age 23) is awaiting a diagnosis for aspergers from the Psychiatrist after spending his whole life struggling with crippling social anxieties etc and he just scored 42. So I tested my daughter(12 years old) who has always been mum of the household because shes ALWAYS been extremely sensible and grown up for her age and she scored 12. So I’m thinking its possibly quite accurate?…. In our case that is….everyone is different

  58. Cassie on said:

    I scored 46.. Im 19 years old from Australia. My mum thinks i have aspergers, ive had all the signs since i was young. At the moment I’m diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Social Anxiety Disorder…which makes sence with the social aspect of things…

  59. Mr. Johnson on said:

    I scored 14 on this test. According to the test, this is supposed to be a “normal” score. But I know that there is something that is not normal with me. I find it difficult to make friends and the part of a meeting or conversation when you are supposed to say “goodbye” feels so awkward to me, I don’t know why. And still I watch other people not having this problem. On the other hand I have over the years developed a special skill with “reading between the lines” and predicting people. The world is complicated though and I don’t think you can truly “read” people unless you know them very well. Sure you can read their emotions such as when they are bored by a story you are telling them but I don’t believe that it is always that easy to truly read their intentions. It’s also easy to pidgeonhole people and go like “I know your type” but then they do something that really surprise you. I really don’t enjoy reading fiction literature so it was hard for me to answer questions related to reading fiction literature. But I tried to respond as honestly as possible. I really enjoy meeting people and learning about them and their lives. So I generally don’t have a problem with social settings in general. But when it comes to lasting relationships; a totally different story and I don’t know why that is. I must admit though that sometimes I feel like I want to be rather alone than to be around people. But I think it is more closely related to to personal things that I have to deal with and worry about. I think that I am so preoccupied with my issues that there is really no room for another person in my life. And probably this applies to the people I would like to have a deeper relationship with as well. They are just as preoccupied with their lives as I am. And yet I sit here wondering what’s wrong with me :(

    • Moonstruck on said:

      There is a group of people who are very social and very good at reading body language.They can also have lots of other medical and learning problems, but not always.They have a micro deletion on Chromosome 21. The name of the syndrome is Williams Bauer.Look it up.It might be one more thing you can cross of the list, or not…

  60. Don Keebals on said:

    OK, so I scored at 38 as I took the test honestly, but before that, I tried the test with what I figured would appear as ‘normal responses’ and scored a 5. My MBTI type is INTJ (often referred to masterminds), and sport a 138 IQ. As a child I often felt out of place and different but wasn’t considered a loner. I would consider myself a realist rather than a pessimist or optimist. Am I worried that some cheesy, easy to manipulate test has diagnosed me as an Aspie? Ha, hardly…. I feel sorry for those over-emotional, irrational types that make me dance around their delicate feelings.

  61. Andrew61 on said:

    I scored 41 but knew I’m considered as having AS.We all know that everyone has problems but my whole life I’ve been ‘at odds with myself’-lacking self confidence,assertiveness and having very low self esteem,but trying to fight againt it (usually losing out to it!)-which gives one EXTRA problems,which isn’t nice to know!I think people not like this tend to want to think that people who are,choose to be like it(as they don’t like to think they’re better off!)Most men will have had a better time with the opposite sex than me,but the trouble with life is that one has to accept everyting (as Kate Bush once said!)but that’s the biggest problem in life,I feel!

  62. Stephen on said:

    I have taken the test three times on different dates and scored 37 each time. So what should I do now? Accept that as self-diagnosis or go and see my GP? My Needs Assessor for University (I’m Dyslexic) suggested I had Asperger Syndrome.

  63. Kiara on said:

    I took this test a bunch of times, and doing completely different answers, and every single time it said I had an 86% chance, and my score was always in the 20′s.

  64. debbie on said:

    Score = 44.
    I have always known I was a little different, frequently described as eccentric. I am in my mid 50′s and also an R.N.. Having trouble getting along with the gray shadey areas in a field that requires alot of flexibility. So now… what am I to think having scored 44 in this this quiz? I am very much in love with the same man for 20 years and no problems in my sex life. Is there something I should do?

  65. Rolling on said:

    I know I don’t have AS; I just took this out of curiosity. And I got 28!

    Incidentally, MBTI tests always give me either INTP or ISTP. I am a science major with artistic tendencies. But I have terrrrrrible social skills and difficulties with speech (I may try and get myself tested for a language-based learning disability, once I figure out how to do so).

    I have skills in multiple areas, but I can’t multitask. I hate being interrupted in what I’m doing, since it takes so long for me to “switch gears.”

  66. Charlie on said:

    So the other day my wife and I are in the car and I say, “You know, I don’t really like faces.” She suggested I take this test. I scored a ‘borderline.’ One more thing to worry about.

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  68. I was curious, since I had brain tumor removed 8 yrs ago from my front left temporal lobe on what my score is now. I scored a 21, which I found very interesting.
    I wish this test was available for me to take before my resection. Then compare the 2 results pre-op then post-op.

  69. Michelle on said:

    According to this test I am borderline. I think I would have been full-blown many years back. I am 36 now, and I have learned how to adapt in social settings such as meeting new people and making chit chat. Certain types of chit chat unnerve me and make me feel squirmy, but I usually find a way to be interested in other people. I have often been misunderstood, and it’s a painful place to be. I am very well-intentioned and caring. I operate on factual information, so I hate lying and rarely do. If someone asks me what I think they may get more than they bargained for, and though I have slowly learned what things people really don’t want to hear it is still hard to filter that. I am fairly matter-of-fact in the way I think, communicate, and live. I like having “rules” for how things are in my house. I didn’t realize I had them until my husband moved in, but the disruption in “my world” has been hard to work through, but we are making it.
    I feel like sometimes I am too serious and wish I could be as laid back as others about things. I think it is possible for people with aspergers to adapt to a degree because of their capacity for learning and mirroring, but it takes a lot of time and consciousness…that’s all based on myself and my own life.

  70. stevie jean on said:

    i got diagnosed with aspergers sindrome when i was 13 , i have always had problems in my life like meeting new people, change and day to day routines.

    i have come to terms with this now as i am now 20 years old.

    people taking this test if u do have aspergers it is not soemthing to worry about it just is simply you being you! xx

  71. I scored 33. I am 39, single, zero friends, spend my days at home. Afraid to go outside. I make sure none of my neighbors are outside when I open the door. I hate going shopping, I am even scared of the cash register, not because I am scared of people, but because I have nothing to say besides “hi”. I cannot even have a long and good conversation with my close family. When I do, I can never get my point across and nobody takes what I say serious. Many dont even trust me about asking me for the time! I came here because a girl was interested in my, like always, I open my mouth and when they hear what i have to say, or the worthless conversations..then they become uninterested in me. I just want to die sometimes…I want to go home. But I like to paint and I would like to leave some nice artwork to share before I leave. I would like to at least touch people with my art. I wish I can connect with at least one person in this world and to find love, but now I know that is impossible for me. Love you all and stay strong.

    • Not many people know how it is to be screaming silently in your own head. I know EXACTLY how this feel. And some days, more often than I will admit to, will think about “leaving something behind” for my loved ones. We have to keep going. There has to be a happy ending. Because if there wasn’t…then what the hell are we waiting for?

      I’m getting married to the woman I been with for 12 years. I don’t deserve such a good woman and she doesn’t deserve such an a$$hole mouthed, crossing the lines, self-loathing, socially awkward, masochistic Aspie. My silver lining- she accepts me. But even after all these years together, when will I be able to accept myself? You would think that I

      My ONLY comfort is to hear from others that “THINGS GET BETTER” and from the bottom of my soul I say, “Thank You”. Three little words put me at ease.

      Things get better.

      Things get better.

      Things are getting better!

  72. As a senior with aspergers I can look back at my life and say some of it was hell, but some of it was heaven. I have had some hugh successes and huge failures. Nothing happened when it should have and as it should have. In the end I still struggle, but it’s OK. To all of you young people who are so frustrated and angry at what life has dealt you (as I was), — find your bliss! Do what you are called to do. The hell with the rest. Your life matters. Your happiness matters. Don’t let the others bully you into conforming. You’ll be happier if you don’t try to be like them, and instead be yourself. I was only successful and happy when I stopped trying to fit in.

  73. Well my son has severe classic autism. age 7 non-verbal. Daughter age 2 being assessed due to delayed development. took test for myself and my husband as i was interested to see if this is a truely genetic problem. I scored 33 and him 34. my husband told me the other day that when stressed he thought of prime numbers. Makes me suspicious? I have severe social anxiety, difficulty with chit chat, and no interest in fiction. He is a living calculator, terrible at eye contact and social interaction with those he doesn’t know. We both have obsessive interests to a degree. I know i have generated systems for financial analyse that i think are simple to understand but baffle others, and my husband has no common sense but an amazing intelligence. no need to go on i think. its devasting to have a child with severe classic autism.

  74. Bl**dy hell! I’m walking the fine line between giftedness and autism… I was diagnosed “gifted” with weird differences (30 points) between my verbal IQ and my others, and a total of only 119. I thought there was something else going wrong. Now, I realise I’m average low at empathy tests, and I’m 32 at the AQ test. I think my special interest was “acting normal”, and I’m still a weirdo.
    If someone has informations about giftedness interferring with aspergers syndrome, please let me know.
    Cheers from France.

    • Anonymous on said:

      I am gifted as well, I have a hard time understanding people’s feelings and also I can’t cope with other people’s emotions. Nobody likes me really, and I have an extremely hard time making friends.

  75. I suspect there are far more people living with AS that when realize. When I had my friends do it several of them scored in the high 20s and mid 30s.

    To compare I had a few “normal” friends do it, they scored like 10 and below. I suspect this is as common as ADD and ADHD. These people never would have thought they were on the spectrum neither would their fams. They just seem a little quirky.

  76. I feel so sad reading these comments. Especially because all these normal people have been told they have a condition that isn’t even real. Autism and Aspergers are real conditions. There is nothing wrong or broken about you just because you rather be alone than go to a party, or because you can remember someone’s birthday.

  77. The problem with this quiz for me was figuring out if I had asperger’s or
    was just an introvert/extreme introvert that had been scarred somewhere
    growing up. I myself was bullied, neglect from family and was constantly
    in school/daycare for all I can remember. I read that growing up in your developement stage
    you need lots of care and attention from family. I was constantly in school, daycare, babysitters. Also
    being an introvert for me to recharge I needed to be alone. I never had opportunities to be alone.
    It caused me to revert to myself and not talk to anyone at school.
    I was told that has caused me to fall way behind socially and
    almost despise being around people. Also for when I was bullied it gave me negative feedback on socializing on
    told me what I was doing was wrong. So I in turn never was able to develope properly.
    My therapist told me its like when a dog bites someone. That person then
    hates being around dogs for the rest of their life. Humans are the dogs
    in my case. I just had a very bad experience with children my age,
    uneducated teachers, family neglecting the care and I love I needed.

  78. Scored 38. Like someone else said, not sure if I’m just introverted or not. I don’t have a problem socialising, I just dislike it. I’d rather be at home and working on things. Currently learning trigonometry and soon to start on algebra, geometry and statistics in preparation for a computer science degree. Taught myself programming in various languages over the years and now developing mathematical abilities.

    I don’t *think* I have too much of a problem in social situations, its just I don’t enjoy them as much as other activities so naturally I partake less.

  79. I am now 70. I have an Aspergers son who is now 46 and managing to live independently. Only in recent years have I wondered if I had Aspergers, as I live a full and creative life and have learned to cope with social situations despite being a loner. My wonderful husband puts up with my eccentricities and supports everything I do creatively and in the community. Coming to terms with having a label is quite a challenge … perhaps the balance of the population should have their own diagnostic label?! Now I have to decide whether to say anything …

  80. i’m 51yo
    i scored 46
    my whole life my Dad has been saying whats wrong with you
    now i know
    i always thought i can’t be the only one like this i happy to find out there are others
    to bad we all hate meeting people

  81. My mum brought up the subject of Aspergers with me, showing me this test. and as soon as I started reading some of the questions and comments, I thought ‘That’s just like me.’

  82. Shannon Devlin on said:

    I get so anxious over tiny little things, i’ve always known it’s not normal and i’ve never gotten along with my stepmum, who i live with. I used to put it down to a typical mother-daughter relationship, but i know that my lack of social skills and concentration have always been a part of it. I also read an article that says that people with Asperger’s syndrom often develop some kind of obsession, examples given were celebrities and soap operas for girls. Mine have always been books and rock music. If anyone would like to read the article, i’ve left a link below. it feels great to know that i’m not the only one who feels this way, and that it is possible to get help.


  83. I was tested for aspergers as a child but i was showing signs of other things so they said they would re test me as teenager but never did now at 23 with 3 children of my own i am now being tested along with my 4 year old son. Nightmare.

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  85. I scored 32. It is not a surprise. I feel relaxed knowing that “feeling different” all my life, may have a name. I am 54, and the really difficult years were between 13 and 30, when I tried hard to cope with people. The results were very poor! Now, I suppose thinds are easier because I have accepted that I am a loner and the few people around me do not seem to have serious problems with my attitude.

  86. As a mental health profession who has worked with and appreciated many wonderful Asperger’s Syndrome children and adults, it seems to me that the link with AS in the Newtown tragedy is that Adams parents fostered a special interest in guns that morphed into an obsession with violence. Given the tendency of AS individuals to have (usually benign or beneficial) special interests that can become near-obsessive in some cases, that was incredibly naive and unwise of the parents. And no severely despondent person, AS or not, should be given a gun for Christmas!

  87. When I was about sixteen or seventeen I scored high on every online Aspergers test I took. Awestruck with a possible answer to myself, I turned to my mother and told her, explained that I think this might be what has been troubling me since before I could remember. She laughed at me. I took her criticism to heart and didn’t try to self diagnose myself again.

    I’ve been trying to put a name to my oddness for years. I’m too poor to see a professional and be properly diagnosed. If I had the money when I was younger I would have gladly gone to a therapist.

    Now that I’m 22 I take the test again and score a 34. I don’t know if this is what’s wrong with me but I sure hope it is; I’m afraid of what it COULD be. I don’t have any friends. I hardly ever leave my house. I don’t have a job or go to school because its too frightening. I started a course at Tafe but had to drop out when the social aspects became too much for me to handle anxiety wise. I can’t even talk on the phone without my heart exploding with stress. My future looks bleak, but I’m becoming accustomed to it.

    Any females I try to make friends with think I’m arrogant/ stuck up because I’m “pretty” and am not outgoing. They think I’m boring and weird and end up hating me.
    Any males I try to make friends with tend to ignore my personality and chararistics in favour of my appearance and always (always) try for something a lot more than friendship. I end up hating them.
    Both leave me feeling far less than adequate.

    Sometimes I get the desire to take a pair of scissors to my long blond hair and cut it all off in a frenzy. Then the females would like me more and the males would not look at me as only an object to possess.
    But then I get scared. What if the only good thing about me is my appearance? Will I truly fade away into nothingness if I take it away? Become completely and utterly invisible instead of just mildly transparent?
    So I do nothing. I sleep. I dream. I talk with my mother. I live on the Internet, where no one can see or hear me and I can be free.

    Typing this up has helped me. I feel like I understand myself just a little bit better. Thank you for reading my tiny speech.

  88. I don’t understand the fuss. I scored a 36 and I’m 21. I’m different, and I knew it since I was a kid. Being a coward doesn’t take you anywhere. Pity is the last thing I need; I stopped caring if people liked me. I don’t need help; I’d rather fail than ask for help. I haven’t been diagnosed with Aspergers but I know I have it. I’m alone. And the thing is, it’s better off this way. The world is a cruel place. Even the nicest of people are cruel. I’ve tested it. Nothing else to do but pursue my need for answers.

  89. I remember taking this test two years ago and scored a 32, i concluded and made myself believe that i really do have aspergers hence my constant bad mood, inactivity and loneliness. But the tendency to think about it drifted away, now i have retried the test after two years out of sheer curiosity and still got a 32 with a neutral state of mind, should i take this seriously?

  90. Diagnosed positive May 2013 (aged 66)Scored 46 on the test. My big problem? Do not ‘pick up’ when relationships are going down the tubes, therefore my partners walk away with no warning,leaving me stunned and bewildered!!!

  91. I just got an 86% likelihood of having Asperger’s, which almost confirms my suspicion, after looking back on my dysfunctional history.

    So what do I do now?

    I am a veteran in Central Maine with no insurance and am wondering where to turn next.

    I’d be interested in taking the new 14 question RAADS-14 Screen, along with an MRI, but don’t know how critical these are to confirming diagnosis.

  92. Ashley on said:

    I got a 33 ive been wondering for about a year now I wasn’t sure. I’m 24 years old and my parents were never a great with helping not hurting my situation. They try to diagnose bipolar at one point. but later on I was informed I was misdiagnosed. I do have depression and anxiety. I could use some advice I don’t know where to go from here. Thank you

  93. I recieved a score of 41. I just read a book on Asperger’s by Tony Attwood.. it read like a biography describing my childhood until now, 28. I am in the process of getting a diagnosis on my own through the local hospital. When I mentioned that I took an few online tests designed to give an idea of whether or not I have Asperger’s (an on all of them my scores were all very likely Asperger’s) the counselor laughed, what did I do to make her question my seriousness? What do I say to get them to seriously look into this? They want to label me bipolar and I feel that that is an overly used term/diagnosis these days. I tend to ramble…hopefully this made sense. If you have any advice or questions my email is jspiker1@hotmail.com

  94. i just got a 43 aq. i was diagnosed with ocd when I was 19. no meds ever helped my anxiety. most of them made my situations worse. i have lost jobs in the past. Also divorced once. i have remarried and have 3 children. my wife tells me im not the best at knowing when they need me to be supportive and it seems like i dont care most of the time. if this test is correct, maybe i can get help and keep them. she never told me she was going to leave me, but why would any of them stay if they dont understand and see that i want to get help for myself and our family?

  95. Debbiedowner on said:

    scorred 29… rather be an unknowingly aspie, not aware of whats going on in my surroundings, than fully aware and not quite normal. I wish I couldn’t read people as well as I do, I mean I can feel what they are feeling, as if I’m in their body. I’m sound, movement, and people sensitive – it’s like I’m registering more of what is going on, and it is exhausting. I take anxiety meds and antidepressant meds. I’m not really interested in other people, only if they are like me ( and they rarely are). I don’t talk well with other females (I’m female), I can’t relate to them in their thinking. In fact, I feel more like I have a guys brain, and therefore find it easy to talk and communicate with guys. I am drawn to other aspies, it’s pretty weird. My first and only boyfriend was an aspie without a doubt (undiagnosed), and the people that I do click with are aspies, so what the hell? Can you be an aspie and be extremely good at reading other people and situations, I don’t think so! I feel like I don’t belong in the normal spectrum and neither in the really autistic spectrum. I rather be one or the other…

  96. Belinda on said:

    I got a score of 35. Does that mean I have aspergers? I’m only 16 and I know that I act different to all of my friends. And my step mum mentions aspergers a while back Because she was wondering if I had it but I never got tested. I thought this test would help but now I’m confused. Are the results true or could be true? Is there anything I could do to be certain Without involving my parents Because I don’t want them to worry or spend heaps of money to only come out with nothing.

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