Aspergers Test Site changes – some good news, some bad news….

Hi everyone,

The good news….

Many thanks for the offers of support I have received, Several more of you have also offered to write articles which is much appreciated. We will soon be creating a Personal Storie’s section in case any of you would like to contribute. And the great news is that we now have a proof reader which some of you should be happy about.

One thing that was mentioned in the feedback was the quality of the website. You may have noticed some changes over the past week or so and I’m happy to announce a redesign of the website. It now features the following:

  • Frequently asked questions on the home page
  • Resources tab on the menu bar
  • Search feature
  • Mobile friendly
  • Faster website performance.

I know some of you don’t like the advertisements but unfortunately this is needed to pay for the site and email hosting costs. There are now many thousands of people on this email list and the cost of sending emails is not cheap. The cost of advertising barely covers the site and email list running costs.

The bad news……

I had also been revising some of the older content on the site and whilst using Google to find old articles, I came across some disturbing findings. Some of the content on the site has also appeared in other places. So I investigated further and was disturbed what I found…

It appears some malicious person has been performing negative Search Engine Optimization on the Aspergers Test Site by pointing spammy links and duplicating the content around the web. It has meant the site has recently been falling in the Google rankings so the other persons site can prosper….

I find this quite offensive as I have spent the last few years building up the site and writing useful content for those in the Asperger’s community. It’s even worse when the copy cat site (or possibly sites) offers very little value to those with Asperger’s, and bullies useful sites out of the google rankings for the purpose of making money.

This is the point where I choose to either give up or keep going. If things continue the way they are, I will no longer be able to afford to send emails to people who have subscribed to this list. But I don’t like quitting and I particularly don’t like being bullied into doing so.

If I am going to remedy the situation, I do need to ask for your help…

To get links and social media shares (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc) shares back to the site.

If any of you have a WordPress blog and would like to include an Aspergers Test widget on it, it would also be appreciated. Just copy the code below into wordpress -> widgets -> text and it should appear on your blog. There is also a way to do this for Blogger but if you are stuck, I can help you.

Here is the script:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”><img alt=”Take this short quiz and get a quick and easy diagnosis at the Asperger’s Test Site.” src=”×110.jpg” width=”170″ height=”110″ /></a>

Please DO NOT add any blogroll or site-wide links back to my site as it appears Google thinks these are spammy but if you feel like writing an article on your blog or any other platform with a link back to my site, that would be much appreciated.

Please check it out at and don’t forgot to press ‘like’, ‘tweet’, ‘google plus’ or ‘pin’ on your favorite posts. It really helps to spread the word about the site.

Thanks again for all the words of support. In case you would like to make a comment or join the conversation I have added this email as a blog post to

All the best

Ps. If the site looks a bit scrambled in your browser you may need to clear the browser cache (’s-Cache) to get it to display correctly.


  • AspieWoman7 says:

    A huge thank you to Mark for running the site. I have always been very glad to read supportive articles and blogs on the web – please never ever stop 🙂

  • Don Bryne says:

    Firstly, I would like to say a big thanks for helping me understand a few things about myself and thereby helping me resolve some growing issues that were creating conflicts between me and my family. I am a successful data consultant and initially scored 38 on the test site. After 2 months I tested again and it was 39 – another 2 months and it was 40. The reason, I believe, is being able to answer questions with more awareness, Anyway, I am on a journey and it is thanks to you guys that I had the opportunity.

    Working in IT, I can now identify, with some accuracy, that a good percentage of people are probably on the spectrum. I can also see that the industry profits from this resource pool. I had heard a year or so ago that SAP (global company) actively recruits consultants with autism as the add value by resolving problems in a slightly different way.

    My reason for explaining this is to provide a suggestion that perhaps Google (as a probable consumer of Autistics) may be willing to provide sponsorship funding. You never know.

    All the best ….. Don Bryne

  • Helen says:

    Absolutely agree you should continue, it is a wonderful site! Glad you found out the copy cat site sooner rather than later. Wishing you all the best.

  • Rachel says:

    Please, Mark, don’t let the bullies win! We all get bullied enough as it is! As an as-yet undiagnosed (officially) but self-identified Aspie who also happens to be a professional dancer and the mother of an Aspie, I have found a tremendous resource here! In fact, this is one of the most valuable resources I have found. Keep doing what you are doing no matter how much the competition tries to push you down! We need you! And to the bullies out there, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!! You are no better than the bullies who pick on the autistic children you claim to want to help (though I have to wonder if you are only in it for the money…)

  • Albert says:

    Go on with advertising Mark, you need resources to keep it going.

  • Stephen Mack says:

    Mark (please read till the end – the good bit)

    Ive only recently linked into the site when searching for a aspyrgers resource which is invaluable to me and others in our understanding of not only the challenges but also the aspyie abilities.

    Please, please continue with the site and draw upon the community to help with its support, continuation and promotion.

    Yes id like to offer a personal perspective on the back of a dyslexcia one i did which received regional and national press, keep offering comments for posting as appropriate and personal financial support for the site – were talking £100s but a wealth of knowledge and ideas and contacts to help where needed.

    I help with sponsorship and support of a number of activities and in turn allowed success to ne realised.

    It might be an idea to have a sponsors and supporters link than just the donate now link.

    I support many charitable undertakings with little or no strings attached but adverse to just button clicking contributions.

    So keep up with advertising, look to uk and european social funding, could you be an UN champion? look at network development funds EPSRC / ESRC networks, consider strategic links with other organisations – if you can beat them – then join and influence them, have a sponsors and supporters page – some companies and individuals like to be able to choose from a range of options – entice them to offer an in kind or financial support option or taylor something to them. But i do appreciate this can be a task in its self so an army of volunteers and supporters can help here.

    Please don’t become dissharted – if you do something worthwhile to change perceptions others may try to undermine.

    Sometimes the better your accomplishment then more they will attack so take this as positive reinforcement – talk to the ranking hosts and get input on how to optimise and avoid cyber bullying – do you have cyber security support? If you start dialogue with the providers they could become supporters and sponsors?

    If you do something great – others may copy or attack it attempt to discredit – but this means you have something of substance ad value to cause this reaction – keep going and call their bluff or steal their thunder,

    you not only make a difference to one aspyie never mind the community of aspies, their family and their friends then keep doing what you doing and a little change makes a big difference.

    Feel free to edit this content for posting and also get in touch if you can using the email.


    Ps please read youll like the end bit – i Wnet from funking school to an award winning student and the very best at what I do, have more letters after my name than in the alphabet three times over, amassed 6000 international professional contacts (including the head of comms at Nasa and head of diversity at BAE systems – think forward thinking organisations on disabilities to allow solutions or epic engineering and human kind questions. ), on the exec of three prof bodies, sponsor five young professional and youth awards (i want to sponsor the first aspyie achievement awards for you also) technical editor or reviewer to a number of journals , have lead successful sector workshops, research bids and governmental policy petitions to published academic papers and technical guides to articles on disability issues and unique abilities – but funking a series of jobs due to aspie issues but you mark you gave me a free asprygers assessment when I’ve struggled to get one , a wonderful resource and first insight understanding of my aspyrgers to help me move on from a job im flunking to a more rewarding one but more importantly saved my relationship with my long suffering partner and kids and my sanity when i questioned myself and worth to society.

    There are so many reasons to quit but all you need is one to keep going – ive got your back my friend what do you need me to help with.

    • admin says:

      Many thanks steve for the words of support. Am really happy to know, I have made a difference. The main thing I guess I need help is with SEO, getting the site and the test visible again. This requires backlinks from high ranking sites. This is the main thing I struggle with.

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