Interpreting Aspergers AQ Test Score

What does my AQ Test Score Mean? Do I have Asperger's Syndrome

For those of you have taken the AQ / Autism Test, you are probably wondering what the results mean.

While you’re interpreting the results, please bear in mind that the scores of the AQ test are based on statistical analysis of people with Autism who have taken the test and while it isn’t an exact science it does give an indication of ones level of autistic tendencies.

In terms of the distribution of the scores of the general population, it can be said that getting a score of:

  • 11 – 21 is the average score for most of the population.
  • 22 – 25 Indicates that one has slightly higher than average autistic traits.
  • 26 – 31 Is a borderline score. 86% of people with this score have can be correctly classified as having Aspergers Syndrome
  • 32+ Is the official criteria for having Aspergers Syndrome.


When the AQ test was initially released the official score for having Asperger’s was 26 and this could provide effective diagnosis to 86% of the participants. However there were also a small percentage of people who scored 26 who would not classify for a more formal diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Because of this a score of 32 was introduced to reduce false positives in diagnosis and to make the test more suitable for the general population.

We often get asked what a low score on the AQ means and what we can say is that this indicates a low level of autistic tendencies.

One thing to note is that that the symptoms of Aspergers and High Functioning Autism occur differently in men, some people have commented that this test is slightly less accurate for women. Generally it can be said is the women with AS or HFA score higher on this score than men.

For more information about the test itself and particular statistics, you may find the following paper useful  Screening adults for Asperger Syndrome Using the AQ Test

Please bear in mind that this AQ Test is only a tool that can be helpful in self diagnosis. The test gradings are based on statistical analysis so professional medical advice should be requested following higher test results of 32 or more. More information can be gained by signing up for our free course. You will receive the essential information you need to know.

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If you are a parent looking for more information about your child, we can highly recommend that you check out the Early signs of Autism in children . For adults, check out our blog posts about resources for adults with Aspergers.

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Mark Blakey

Mark Blakey is the founder of the Aspergers Test Site, after a successful career working in IT Mark wanted to share what he learned from his own diagnosis. He is the author of "Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers" and "An Introduction to Aspergers Syndrome". Having received lots of questions from parents with autistic children, Mark went on to found Autism Parenting Magazine. The magazine has become an essential resource aimed at improving the quality of life for families effected by Autism. Its a monthly publication containing lots of helpful articles to help develop social skills, manage challenging behavior and improve communication.

  • Elys says:

    25 is not to bad is it? Just took this quiz out of curiosity, since they are suspecting that my daughter of 4 might have it. However they seem to go back and forth on it.

    Was wondering if it can be genetic?

    After reading a little about it I have noticed some traits that I have that is similar. Like I can’t hear what people say, when there are more than one person talking, or if there are background noise. And sometimes if it`s really much going on, tv, children being noisy and my partner confronts me about something the same time I tend to get a meltdown from all the sounds. And can´t talk, and I hold my hands over the ears.
    And I don´t like sunny days cause it´s uncomfortable for the eyes. Depends on how strong the light is.

    If I have it it can only be very mild, and i´m sure to some degree all people will have some symptom. However my daughter seem to have lots of difficulties. Very picky about food, feels disgusted over certain types. Big speech delay, and can get obsessed with certain things for periods. However she has she is very emphatic and always comforts fellow peers who are sad. And also me if she notice i`m sad. She seems to be better to pick things like that better than any other people. Which makes me think that she might not be, since she is perfectly good at reading people. (She is also very sensitive to sounds, and sometimes if the tv is to load, she will hold her ears and almost cry saying, “to loud, to loud”. But as said she is extremely good at reading body language, who makes me unsure and the doctors.

    Is it possible to be extremely good at reading body language with this type of condition?

    Can things like this be genetic?

    Thank you for your help. And sorry for such a long comment.

    • Ayla says:

      I think it’s possible your daughter has ADHD if she has the component of short span obsessions, overstimulation at light and sounds, visceral reactions to foods etc. but doesn’t struggle with identifying emotions in others or displaying empathy. As someone who is diagnosed with ADHD, and my best friend has ASD, we see a lot of overlap in our light and noise sensitivity, but my friend has special interests that do not go away, whereas my obsessions are pretty short-lived and I am better at empathizing with and reading people.

  • stacey says:

    i have 42 i always knew something was wrong being what happened as a kid and so on and so i just relly never knew because back then when i was a kid they didnt have the knowhow and all but iaam not gonna get all into that i was looking on line and seeing what it chuold be and when i read the infor on aspergers a lot of the stuff falls on the same line as me shhhh that really sucks man no wonder i having a hard life not only as a kid but even now as a adult damn that really sucks man

  • Britt says:

    Aspie is hereditary and my whole family has a history of it… I’m 17 and scored a 39. My mom is almost forty and she scored a 41. My little sister (she’s 9) scored a 36. This test was very helpful! I’m glad to know that Apsergers is the term to describe people like us. 🙂

    • Chi says:

      Britt, Lance, All…
      Probability for having ASD is increased if there are other family members with it. Many have gone through their lives never being diagnosed–just being “different”. BUT, society has changed over time to be far less tolerant of anyone different / not conforming to “norms”.
      Also, ASD can be badly triggered by certain things, such as getting too many vaccinations all at once, at too young an age: the CDC recognizes this, but fails to change, because they want compliance above all else. The mercury in the vaccines IS a problem; getting too much at once, especially at such young ages, is a trigger being pulled [per Senate Subcommittee meeting not long back].
      The test:
      1. High score MIGHT = ASD; there might be some qualifiers that boot a person out of that diagnosis.
      2. But that so many in immediate family all score high, is likely an indicator.
      3. Getting formal diagnosis as an adult, can be hard; most Docs look at it from angle that “as adults, there are no real helps available, why bother?”
      BUT, if someone is incapacitated from earning a living for themselves, and cannot handle taking care of their affairs alone, they might need to file for SSDI….THAT is very hard these days…..
      4. Government has changed the diagnoses/descriptions for what qualifies now: “Aspergers” is no longer valid terminology.
      NOW, everyone with qualifying evaluations, is umbrella’d under “Autistic Spectrum Disorders….etc.”
      5. State and Fed Gov’t fundings are stretched or gone. That means they do even more to obstruct anyone getting these safety nets. A person MUST have as many other valid diagnoses filed along with ASD, as they have documentations for–such as severe Anxiety Disorder, Depression, etc. other, to present a sufficiently disabled picture to the evaluators.
      KNOWING what one has, and why one might have issues fitting in, HELPS, because we can then learn what it is, and how to minimize the severity of characteristics that make life harder.
      Nutrition and some alternatives , like using a broad spectrum of good probiotics, really can help.
      Learning how your brain works, helps.
      Checking for Vit. D, Low thyroid, and getting those to proper levels, helps….BTW, a person can have strong symptoms of low thyroid, and still have “normal” lab tests–that’s another subject you can look online.

      For those who have problems, and wonder if they should see Docs to get tested, YES!
      BUT…first print out the Test from online, so you can take that to the Doc, and present that to them saying, something like,
      “I took this test; it looks like a fairly high score, but I’m not sure how to interpret it properly; would you please evaluate this, and help me get the help I need?”
      The Doc will also need to know your history, things that happened during your early childhood and longer, that might show more clues to your diagnosis.

  • Bev says:

    36 score. Most of my siblings and I have Asperger traits though we have never sought diagnosis. All the next generation of children in our family have either Aspergers, Autism, ADHD or a learning disability. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 16. Would really love to see more awareness,acceptance and supports regarding AS.

  • Alégria says:

    I’m 20 and took the test and scored 39. No one in my family (that i’m aware of) has Asperger’s Syndrome and granted I only took the test after watching the character Dr. Reid in Criminal Minds and identifying with his behaviour slightly. I’ve always waffled I get called “talking computer” at home and seem to regain random information I spot. I also talk very fast and wondered if that is associated or a matter of background 🙂

  • Terry B says:

    If this test is a good guide, it certainly explains a lot for me.

  • Joanna says:

    Age: 27
    Score: 9

    I’m 27 an decided to do this test as my mum and my aunt both show characteristics of Aspergers. My aunt much stronger than my mum. My mum avoids social situations and social situations always seemed ovebearing for her. She doesn’t like music, tv and she flips when her routine is messed up. I remember when we were living tohether I found it strange that she didn’t understand certain conversations or situations (from the number of questions she would ask about something that seems really simple), she was the last one to get the joke and she would easily misinterpret something that was said. She finds world confusing and new changes with fashion, technology, or anything else is really confusing for her. She has a really old fashioned dress sense and she doesn’t want to dye her hair or do anything that would mess up her rigid need for simplicity (she keeps things low key and simple and finds beauty in that and according to her that’s right, whereas everything else – the world is too colorful and complicated and therefore bad) anything new that brings change or requires change is really frustrating for her. She also tends to be really rude without realizing it. She is not aware that she (very likely) has aspergers. I on the other hand am a complete opposite – I love going out, partying, fashion, shopping, concerts, theater, randomly going out and doing things (being spontaneous), skydiving, scuba-diving, traveling, etc. I walk in the room and start talking to strangers and engage in social communication easily. I’m also very observent and can tell what people feel, think, etc. In school I was really good in maths and scored A’s but found it to be mind numbingly boring, I never liked physics and I remember someone trying to teach me chess when I was little – and I thought it was the most boring thing in the world – still doesn’t look appealing (I do have friends that like chess thou). Loved and still love colourful things that have a variety and are changing and can often be unpredictable (probably that’s why I enjoyed subjects like geography, psychology and sociology). I scored 9 on this test which is really low. I often struggled to build a relationship with my mum, and I often found her difficult. I remember feeling like I wanted to run away from her as I felt like she was suffocating me, or suffocating my free spirit. and now I understand why.

    • Wow! I’d this test I got a 16. However, some of the questions I was a little unsure about.
      I think maybe my husband has aspergers shows a lot of the symptoms. However, i really don’t want to put a label on him. But it maybe a clue to why I have felt suffocated over the last 13 years of our marriage!

  • Kristin says:

    I think my daughter may have this. I have suspected it for years, and see it in the genes as well. I find it difficult when she is excited about something, or just wants to talk and doesn’t realize that other people like to talk to. She doesn’t recognize social cues, and we’ve often thought she was just being selfish cause she didn’t notice or seem to care about anyone else. But we are starting to realize that she just thinks differently and can’t be compared to normal standards. I still don’t know what to do, but I’m going to start with getting a bunch of books and reading up. Maybe there are exercises we can do to help her understand how people are feeling in different situations, and what would be considered a proper response and improper response. Much luck and love to everyone here who has tested positive after knowing there was something. I think if you want help, you can and should get it. Maybe not immediately available, but keep trying and someone out there will be able to help you.

  • crystal says:

    So my daughters had trouble beginning in pre-k and it is now effecting her in kindergarten she is at the bottom of her class I’ve asked her p.c.p to refer her to a specialist the 1st time i asked was about 18mos ago since then Ive asked 6 more times they told me that it takes about a year before the specialist will even call me back to start to set up an apt. this just doesn’t sound right to me. my daughter is 5 years old and doesn’t want to got to school because shes not like the other kids. she scored a 35 on this quiz. Any advice?

  • Lucy says:

    I scored a 32. If I had taken this quiz as any time between birth and 40 I would have scored much, much higher. I have been fortunate to have a wonderful husband who accepted me with my “faults” and taught me how to relate to people. It’s still difficult sometimes, but, I can fool most people into believing I’m “normal”.

  • Sam says:

    I got a score of 39, which suggests I may have Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism.

    Oh and if anyone got a score of 32 or higher, don’t click on the Asperger’s Survival Guide link. It is an advertisement for an overpriced book that they try and sell at you, and it has a loud voice that scared me because I didn’t know it would happen and I made another tab and someone started talking and I got scared.

  • Anthony Rose says:

    I’m not sure about this test. I know I’m different, because I forget everything, even my own birthday and age. The world is an ever present NOW filled with detail which I analyse separately and in their relationships and as a whole, all at the same time. Whatever has my attention has my full attention and nothing else exists, and if you disrupt that flow, I fall apart… I switch between right brain and left brain as needed and feel ONE with all. I hate being forced to leave my focus and plan something for external reasons but I love to plan something at my own accord. I like to be spontaneous whether that means planning something when I want to, or needing to go for a walk. I would rather be absorbed than talk. I know when a machine is going to break, there are subtle sounds of stress. But I love people. Though I never remember anything except how they felt, what hurts them, and principles we established together.
    But I only got 28 on this test.
    I suspect that some things on this test can be misconstrued. Like spontaneity. Means freedom to operate, not unplanned all the time. Or details and sounds. I don’t know whether Aspergers people see them or not but I get a lot of details and sounds other people miss, yet, what does not have my focus passes me by completely.

  • Charles says:

    I am 35 and I scored 38. The only one to be diagnosed in my family , I believe is my nephew , but many on my Father’s side show traits. My Grandfather was obsessed with keeping the same routine. My Father would feel compelled to count the aspects of visual patterns , my brother has a photographic memory and once demonstrated an ability to memorize over 100 number plates from vehicles in the local neighbourhood. There is absolutely nothing ” wrong ” in having a high count in the spectrum. I personally feel there are more than enough subjects of study presented by life to engage my interest for more than one lifetime. I feel I am very fortunate to be continuously enthralled by my studies and discoveries while requiring comparatively little , materially speaking , to be content with my life.

  • amy says:

    I got 30, I am a 16 year old girl and i have been thinking that i have some form of autism for some time, I always had trouble making friends when i was younger and frequently stayed by myself in nursery and school, talking to people i dont know well intimidates me greatly and i try to avoid social occasions frequently, does anyone think that i could have autism or aspergers and if so what should i do?

    • Scy says:

      Autism and Aspergers are both an umbrella syndrome that includes plenty within the parameters you’ve described. I suggest you look up other alternatives such as Social Anxiety Disorder which is far more common.

  • Bethiazaton says:

    I took this test on behalf of my mother, who just scored very high.
    I knew she had this….
    Her emotional apathy, genius level mechanical brain, social awkwardness, zero friends…
    I knew it.
    And don’t try explaining any of this to her because her social skills allow her to literal talk right over you, then hang-up the phone if you even try to get a word in edge-wise. She’s also a liar… Is that a trait? Or does being a liar mean you have an imagination, she has no idea she’s making anything up.

  • Buddy says:

    26 years old – Phd Scientist in Chemical Physics. Scored a 29, although I think the test can be somewhat unfair. I think some of the social interaction questions about being able to “read between the lines” or determine facial expressions and moods are poor scoring questions. The reason I took this test is because I’ve always had a hard time understanding many emotions people feel, so I’ve spent my life learning to read and mimic them to fit in. Meaning my answers to those questions tend to fall in the normal spectrum, however the only reason I dont have trouble with those interactions is because of the time and effort I put into learning them. Still quite an interesting test.

  • Martin says:

    I got 42 🙁

    Although I was already aware of my Aspergers syndrome so I knew I would probably get that result. My social interactivity has improved massively since my School/University days and my main “obsession” centres around numbers and patterns. I have found myself enjoying crowds/clubbing/bars a lot more which gives me a break from my Software work.

    But in social cases I have to think about what I am saying and whether or not it is my turn to speak, or even keep on topic of the conversation. A few months ago we were talking about football in the pub and when I spoke I said something like “I got 6 of the nicest oranges I have ever tasted at Tesco this morning”. This randomness doesn’t happen often now that I am actually analysing social interactions but did when I was younger.

    I don’t believe there is many people with Aspergers syndrome in Belfast but I have came across one or two, and I believe I helped them become more outgoing as I always had time for them. Hopefully others with Aspergers have similar luck and haven’t been negatively affected in anyway.

  • michelle says:

    I’m 27 I was diagnosed with this condition last year while trying to get an extension on my thesis, I had long suspected something was up totally clueless in certain subjects such as maths etc it took / still does forever for me to grasp certain things.

    Obsessed with dinosaurs, animals, photograpy, etc very forgetful , talkative and I know most of my family have it even if it’s in a different way to me.
    I’m more social than my family but still not in the totally normal sense working in a shop really helped develop the ‘small talk’ aspect for me.
    I was bullied in school but as I was lucky enough to have been given great self confidence thanks to my mother I did ok, I got my degree, went on did another short course and now on a masters, still no job though 🙁 wish I had gotten help sooner or someone had noticed or cared in school or in college though as I also have ADD which obviously doesn’t help, I used to depressed and have a terrible temper (still do but understanding the cause is of some help), I’m lucky to have a bf who understands my condition and accept me for who I am, I’ve always found it easier to care about animals more than humans anyone else have that?
    My uncle is that way also I watch an animal in pain and it’s unbearable and human I just ignore it on those tv ads etc.

  • TKM says:

    Age: 20
    Occupation: Security Guard
    Score: 18=Average.

    Took the test out of curiosity, found I was average. I frequently notice sounds others don’t, but if the sound continues long enough, others will certainly here it also. Equally, my co-workers occaisionally smell things before anyone else (though sometimes I am unsure if the smell ever existed at all)

  • Steve Higgins says:

    Age now 62, I was 31 when Asperger’s research was first translated into English. I was diagnosed only 3-4 years ago. Scored 38 on this test.

    Important to remember that Aspergers is a syndrome – not a disorder. It is a collection of symptoms or responses, not all of which may be present in any one individual. There are many other symptoms which this test does not touch upon.

  • Georgia says:

    I got 39 I’m 18 haven’t been diagnosed I took this test because my friends said I showed slot of the signs of as effete. I also have dyspraxia which often coincides with apergers.

  • Tom says:

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Score: 45
    Hmmmm….this explains a lot but will need to get this checked properly

  • Sally says:

    I took this test on behalf of my son who is 6. I’ve know he’s not been *normal* since he was a baby! Ever Dr I’ve seen has either dismissed me as being and over anxious 1st time mother or accused me of projecting his traits as I work with special needs children. Luckily for me his school recognised that he needed support and we have a learning plan in place, I want an official diagnosis because it can be hard to explain to other people why he behaves the way he does, it would be so much easier to say “I’m sorry he’s screaming at you but he has Aspergers/Autism and cannot cope with this situation.” I’ve had some very nasty comments in the past especially from nurses and such – we had his hearing tested as he didn’t respond when his name was called and the tester said to me “There’s nothing wrong with his hearing – he’s just naughty!” because my son freaked out when they tried to put headphones on him and played loud high pitched noises – even though I’d explained he is extremely sensitive to sound. After this test I feel emboldened to go back to the GP and demand a referral!

  • Worried Mum! says:

    Hi anyone a 45? my 10yr old son scored 45 on this test (unless i unplug his XBOX, end of the world!) anyone know the feeling?

  • Kain says:

    I am 28 ans scored 32. I have both asbergers and dislexia which makes life increadibly easy (joke). While I fit the profile of asbergers, I still think that the test can be made better by either self defining many of the words in the questions like spontanious or enjoy/like. I spend a majority of my time fighting to maintain a routine and persuing my interests like sociology, politics, plants, understanding the world and tinkering. Natually though, understanding the world is a dificult and improbable goal but then again, it always gives me something to think about.
    There have been some great programs on NPR about asbergers which may help you guys as much as they have helped me. I encourage others to look into coping methods or at least understanding as much as possible about asbergers…but I bet that’s what you’re doing because that’s what I’m doing. I don’t know

  • Mike says:

    I got an 11. Part of me thought or still thinks I have low levels of aspbergers because of my social awkwardness. But the more I look into it the more I realized its what I first thought, that its anxiety issues.

  • miles says:

    when I was young I got 35 pretty bad huh. Now 9 years later I got 16 with honesty. I know its hard dealing with this I know but that’s not the case with me. Why you may ask well its because I dealt with my bad behaviours and habits over a three year period. It was hard on me very. Don’t give up if your a aspie don’t its a thing you cant cure but deal with. That is how I am who I am today

  • confused says:

    I am 14 and I got a 42. I don’t know what I am supposed to do now. I knew i wasn’t like the rest of them but I didn’t know it had a name. I was recently diagnosed with ADD but can these two disorders coexist? Is it neurological or psycological? How should I tell my mom?

  • Barbara says:

    I’m 37, and got a score of 44. I knew I was a little off, now I understand why.

  • I got 22, makes sense…right in the middle is where you go nuts!! haha.

    Confused, ADD and autism can have many of the same symptoms. I think I have a 22 because I have ADD, I’m bad at social situations.

  • Ian says:

    I must say I found the test entirely to general. Certain questions just didn’t seem specific enough, or relevant. And the response choices were irritating to say the least,what kind of a choice is agree or disagree (strongly , slightly or not)?

  • Craig A. Myers says:

    Scored a 49. Am retired. Have been required to see a shrink since age 17, for some nameless disorder that was finally Dx at age 53. (You taxpayers paid for this.)It was Aspergers Syndrome. Have no criminal record; it’s just that no one wants an Aspie on staff. Enjoy being retired!

  • LolaRosa says:

    I’m 20 and I got a score of 30. I have depression and anxiety, but if I did have Aspergers, it would explain A LOT. I hate work social situations, at work I get in trouble for my poor social chit chat, my boss told me that people have given up speaking to me because they rarely get anything back. I never really know what to say… I like routine, and I don’t like lots of people. I can cope with it for a limited amount of time, but as I’ve gotten older my tolerance for people has gone down considerably. I have a boyfriend, and friends, I find it easy to abstain relationships that I already had or that people have helped me form, but other than that, I hate speaking to new people!

  • Siobhan R says:

    Just took it for fun and got 44.

  • Venitzia says:

    Hi All, I am 47 and have always known that I was uneasy and uncomfortable in the majority of situations. I have always opted for being more on my own where there is a lot more ease and relief,but I have also always wanted friends in my life and to be able to function ‘normally’.I have never found making true friendships easily. So much of my life has felt like a cover up, like I had a terrible secret I didn’t completely understand, but was terrified would be exposed – that I really wasn’t ok and wasn’t coping. So much energy has gone into surviving and keeping it together.I have a family & am challenged by alot of being the Mum who is supposed to hold it together. I think that balancing vitamin & mineral levels can help and another thing worth getting tested for is Krypto pyrolis. You can look it up, also under Pyroluria. It’s often ticking away undetected with people who have mental imbalances. My sis-in-law has it & getting her levels right has changed her life. I have it and now need to get myself balanced. Everything is coming to a head and the anxiety attacks are getting more frequent. We can only put the lid on these things for so long and then the time comes when it’s time to get the help needed. SUPPORT! Good luck to you all. I’m sure there are lots of ways to improve the agony so many us have felt inside. Just having witnesses and speaking ones truth helps a lot! ps Michelle – yes always easier to be with animals! My daughter’s sensitivity & unease has always led her to animals – now she’s desperate for a horse! Animals do help a lot.

  • Keegan says:

    Taking this test does not mean you are an aspie, It mearly means you have traits but you could of also slanted your answers to get a higher score, Subconciously.

  • Dan says:

    I have been “officially” diagnosed with Aspergers and scored a 41. Aspergers is definitely a social handicap as defined by society, but not that big a deal once you learn to deal with it. It is also a BIG advantage in some professions (I’m a network administrator with an assistant who deals with the users), and I love it. She deals with the people and gets the problems they are having with the network, and I fix them.

  • lawrence says:

    I’m 14 and got a score of 39, always thought that I was different

  • Dru B. says:

    Age: 30
    Score: 42

    I was unaware of Aspergers’s syndrome until a girl brought up this term in a date. On one hand I’m relived to know my symptoms are not unique. There are other people with similar traits. Nonetheless social deficiency is a big one to have. Being positive and upbeat.

  • JulietBlue says:

    Age 17, got a score of 35. Dead pleased. I knew I belonged to the world of the Internet, not real life. I have four friends in real life, surprised how high it is, but I’m a terrible friend. I’m just lucky they’re so nice that they find me amusing xD
    To Tumblr I shall return! That is my true calling. In an empathy test where 47 is average I scored 10… I knew I was more than introvert. Aspegers sounds about right, I actually enjoy doing maths problems. I do them for fun.
    I may be socially awkward but that does not mean I can’t be happy. I’m always happy. there is nothing to make me unhappy. People don’t bother me, I don’t mind what they think.
    My only issues are when no-one will make appointments for me because “I’m a big girl now”. I’m terrified of speaking on the phone! Is that so weird? And answering doors…

    • liz hallam says:

      I hate speaking on phones I never answer and will make every excuse for people not to ring me, I tell them the speaker on the phones broke or it doesn’t ring etc etc..I am 40 and got a score of 40 , hmm not sure i’m an aspie though…

      • Ian says:

        Im 45 and scored 30. My nephew was diagnosed at a very early age which is why this test caught my eye.
        What I relate to most with a few others who have commented is about phones – i make any excuse not to talk on the phone to people and always try to get them to mail me instead.

  • Ellen says:

    I’ve taken this test a few times over the past year or so and I always score 42. I’m 19 and have always felt like the weird, shy girl. When I first started school I didn’t talk to anyone, even if they talked to me I didn’t answer, even when the teacher read names from the register, I always got into trouble for not saying yes. I’m seen as a bailer with some of my friends because if they make last minute plans I would rather stay in, my parents call me selfish, like if they get sad or angry I know what I should do but I can’t. I also collected stones as a kid, and now its magazines and cuttings, and I’ve only ever been good at art at school. I did bad in everything but art which i got A*’s in. I don;t think I’m autistic but I think I may have aspergers, do I sound like I do? I feel stupid going to the doctors. My dad is just like me as well, he didn’t have a relationship with his, dad and I don’t have much of one with mine, because we find it hard to talk. He also works at a bank for a living and has always loved with geography and maps, but has never been diagnosed. I want to talk to my mum about it, but she’ll think I’m being stupid!

  • Oliver says:

    Age: 16
    Score: 37
    I’m gonna tell all 0 of my friends. At least I still have my music and cats.

  • shaun says:

    Some of the questions are daft – do you prefer a theater or a library (duh – libraries for aspies) 🙂
    Well, neither. And museums are pretty tiring too (for everybody). Do I remember dates? (Aspies like ‘numbers’ ….duh)
    Whoever wrote the quiz has got stupid-pigeon-holes syndrome and is anally retentive.

  • Emma says:

    i got 33 on this test…im 31 and have often thought i was a little, strange this explains a lot.

  • sandy says:

    done this test for my son who is coming up to 13 ,he has had many many problems for years he has seen several specialists and gp and all they keep saying is its behaviour related.. my son is extremly aggressive when his mood changes which is like a light switch ,one second he will be fine then he will be completly different swearing shouting aggressive for no apparent reason and once his snapped him self out of it he cant remember any of what happened . he rarely sleeps and is constantly on the go .he hates if we change the smallest of routine or plans ,and is unable to handle holidays. he scored 39 on this test and i dont know where to turn to get him the help he needs . any help will be greatly appreciated .

  • Peter says:

    M 30, score 42. …We’re all f’ed up in our own unique ways. It would be boring if everyone was the same, so i’ve heard. MY ADVICE: Try to maintain an open mind, there’s often many ways of achieving the same ends with different means, who exactly can decide what the optimum methodology is!? Carry on carrying on, my advice to myself and others…

  • Vivien Hall says:

    I never fitted in even with my own family of parents and 3 siblings. At infants school I often stood in a corner facing the wall when we were in the playground because I had no one to play with. Later on I only had the occasional friend and none of them want to keep in touch with me. I heard my sister once say that I belonged in a “nut house” and my mother agreed. I try to fit in. Recently my husband came with me to a ukulele club that I started in the local pub as I couldn’t face meeting all those people alone. Now , 6 months later, I do go there alone but would you believe it, no one chats with me between songs even though I started the club. I sit there like Johnny-no-mates. It takes me ages, maybe years to get to feel comfortable with new friends who aren’t really my friends but my husband”s. A woman who was my friend once said that I was hard work and difficult to get close to. But she persisted and we got on very well until she left my area. Then I never heard from her again. Oh well. I’ve got a good husband who I don’t deserve as he’s much nicer than me, and 2 lovely daughters and 3 grandchildren. I rarely see my grandchildren and their mum but I can phone and chat with them a bit. My other daughter says that when she phones she can’t get a word in edgeways. It’s just me I suppose.

  • Suzanne says:

    I just scored 41 on this test. I took it a couple of yrs back & scored 42.Now what? I always knew that something about me wasn’t the same as other people: I have no need for friendships whatsoever or for social interaction. I can fake my way through it when I have to, but if I never saw most people ever again, I wouldn’t miss them. It’s not that I harbour ill will or hostility towards them, I just don’t understand people’s cloying need for socializing. I don’t need or want a goat either but that seems to be acceptable. I’ve slipped under the radar largely because of my good looks: I’m well groomed & conventionally attractive & people never assume anything is wrong with pretty people.

  • Michael says:

    I’m 30 years old and scored 40. Although I believe if I took the test a few years ago it would be higher. I have always suspected there was something a little different about me. I am terrible at learning from people, but with books(pictures help) magazines and TV I can learn ridiculous amounts of information. And after googling the symptoms I find that I check almost every box. Maybe it’s time I saw a professional to get a little advice.

  • Trevoru says:

    i scored a 36. i was diagniosed bipolar but had never found my symptoms mached with it.
    i am schedulaing an appointment to get tested because if i have aspergers then i am on the wrong meds

  • christopher perkins says:

    Your Results :

    Agree : 20
    Disagree : 20
    Score : 35

    age: 39

  • Sierra says:

    I am 14 and got 33 on the test. I always have a habit of thinking i have different conditions so I do not know what to think and if I tell my mom about this she will probably just go ‘No you don’t have it’; what should I do?

  • Aspmatic Adjustable says:

    I always suspected I fit somewhere on the autism spectrum and just scored a 36 on this diagnostic test. I’m 33 and working on a Ph.D. in musical digital signal processing, I pick up highly technical subjects with ease, am naturally fascinated with science, and am also a talented musician and accomplished artist. I suppose I’m very high functioning and it seems that I benefit from obsessive scrutiny of the work I produce by holding myself to very high standards and therefore enjoying exceptional outcomes. Most people cannot understand the intense focus and obsessive traits present in my personality, but I consider them to be a gift, even if they come at the cost of social adeptness, since my capabilities and experience of the world are deeply enriched by my obsessive pursuit of perfection and fine-grained perception of detail. If you’re worried about a high score on this test, do not be worried; instead realize that you are capable of doing things normal people cannot ever hope to achieve.

  • Cody B says:

    16. Scored 33. Been noticing things. I find patterns easily. Example, this comment goes 12345. That is, in terms of sentences.

  • Alan says:

    I’m a 32 year old man, scored a 26. Higher than average autistic traits. Very interesting test. Thought I’d check this out since I do feel very “different” than everybody else and don’t have a lick of social skills as far chit chat goes. If not involved in meaningful discussion over a topic I have interest, I just can’t keep conversations going at all and things get uncomfortable for me.

  • Charlotte says:

    I’m 13 and my mum has thought that I had many autistic traits. I Scored 37… I hate meeting new people and participating in conversation. I really cannot read faces <- and with this my friends get annoyed with me for. I hate it when somebody changes my daily routine – I often get really stresses when people do.

  • Jessany Trotter says:

    I scored 15.. Average yes… But sometimes one needs to recognise patterns, do several things at once and revisit tasks… Better attention to detail never hurt anyone, so it is unfair to accuse people with better observation skills as being autistic.. Why not accuse people who miss things are ‘blind’? Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

  • Dan says:

    I’ve been told that I have Autism spectrum but taking this test it occurs to me that the questions are vague enough to be interpreted many ways. Do I enjoy parties? Yes, if they’re filled with people I like, no, if ti’s people I don’t like or know well. I don’t interrupt people, they often talk over me, so yes they always get words in and I never get upset, so the questions pertaining to getting upset, don’t apply to me. But I notice patterns, numbers, and can get stuck in my head.

  • Alex says:

    I got 43. Shit.

  • Janet Ellis says:

    Hi, I always felt different to others, even as a child, always felt inadequate in social situations, and found myself getting tongue-tied, even stammering if these feelings became too much. I still feel the same as an adult. I thought these feelings would subside as I grew up, but I still feel awkward a lot of the time, even with close family these feelings sweep over me…

  • Some Person says:

    20 y/o, got a 25. This could explain why many of my friends have aspergers, because I love talking about categories of things and getting technical.

  • Avery Mori says:

    I scored a 33 once and then took the test on a diffrent site and scored a 36. I don’t like being with other people and I like imagining things. I am still only 12-15 age range.

  • Kevin says:

    I’m a 18 year old boy that got the asperger syndrom for about 2 1/5 years ago. I scored 47 on this test. I took it to check that this WAS asperger and not something else. I’ve always been different from the other kids and have some ideas about things that my mom thought was silly. Some example is that I can’t mix my food, I hate loud noises and sharp light, so I always wear sunglasses.
    This test made me understand that the Psychologist gave me the right diagnosis.
    I hope this test can help others too! 🙂

  • Al says:

    30 y/o male. I got an honest score of 40 (although the questions seem rather trivial to interpret if I wanted to swing either way). I have frequent mania and depression cycles, am a self-confessed perfectionist, an accomplished artist, have a PhD and a confirmed IQ over 165. I find social interaction very difficult because I try and pre-empt and plan everything, which clearly doesn’t work. I typically find things trivial to the point of complete boredom or excruciatingly difficult.

  • Nicolette says:

    Scored 39. Explains a lot !

  • Stuart says:

    When you realise at 44 that you are quite highly aspergers (scored 37 on this and 184 out of 200 on another one) it is very unsettling. You feel even more like a robot or an alien, someone who was programmed differently from birth. But it does start to enable you to analyse stuff from years back, stuff that you still smart about. I still can’t see the other’s point of view but I CAN come to terms with the fact that I *might* have been wrong, after all. Now when I am being pedantic about something my partner reminds me… and I back off.

  • Me says:

    I’m 16 and I scored 39. Only realised recently how different I am to everyone else my age and how different I see the world. I can’t make friends because I don’t know how to converse with people and I especially don’t know how to discuss my emotions or help other people with their problems or anything. i actually expected to get a higher score because I don’t understand people at all. I guess I’ve kinda learned and immitated what others do over the years. I mimic the people around me and do what they do. But when I was younger (like 12/13/14) I remember not knowing anything about social skills. I’d walk into a room and not bother saying hello and when i’d leave i wouldn’t bother saying goodbye or letting any one know i was leaving. I thought it was normal, but it always used to get me into trouble and get me yelled at. And there were so many more things like that. i’d always get into trouble for things i didn’t even realise i was doing. I don’t know, I hope it gets easier because I hate living like this.

  • silvina says:

    I’ve taken this test 4 times in the last three years and every single time I got a 32 (even though some of my answears might have changed). What does this mean?

  • jonty says:

    Score 37 age 48. Have 8yo diagnosed asp at 3 and another daughter poss undiag
    nosed 18. 2nd time married to someone I totally adore but says I am boring. Qualified Accountant but it took a few attempts as I am not that bright. It all adds up dont it! Well sod em that are critical, I am an aspi too it seems and am not going to let it get me down, for my son’s sake.

  • Laura says:

    I’m 24, and I got 38 on the test.

    I’ve been told by various people that I have autistic tendencies for most of my life. I’ve also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it’s been suggested I have schizoid personality disorder.

    I’m not really sure about any of this…I suppose I’m just odd.

  • sidetracksusie says:

    51 y/o female. Scored 41, but not surprised. My dad used to tell everyone I was going to be an engineer. I was very, very shy and I have taught myself “routines” to cope with social situations.

    One person I do understand completely is my 12 year old son. He has been diagnosed with Asperger’s. We are both attached to our pets, and love our horse! I have my degree in speech pathology and have assisted other young children coping with autism spectrum disorders, and I do the same with my son. My biggest hurdle is I always have a plan I feel compelled to “stick to”, I have a hard time spontaneously breaking free and approaching the challenge from a new perspective with a new technique. How very aspi of me…

    I also used to talk to my kids in the 3rd person, saying things such as “your mom’s not going to be happy when she sees that you haven’t set the table yet”, something I did to prompt them to do something without actually scolding them, but my step daughter informed me how strange it was do speak in such a manner. I still don’t understand her opinion of it.

  • sidetracksusie says:

    I just commented but I forgot to include something…

    Back when I was in grade school IQ and performance tests were administered. I remember my second grade year when I tested above 140 IQ, and over a grade level ahead, the counselor came in with another edition of both tests, a fat pencil with no eraser, and she kept me in from recess and through the rest of the morning until I completed the evaluation a second time. I was completely emotional over the fat pencil and no eraser, but she got in my face and yelled that I was not going to be able to change any answer and would not be able to look at any one else’s paper this time. I scored higher on both tests the second time than I had the first. My mom was livid when I told her what had happened and the counselor told her that they thought my erasures had been because I was looking at someone else’s paper and was changing my answers (despite the fact that the kids sitting next to me scored no where near as highly as I did). To this day I still perseverate about the pencil with no eraser.

  • Ryan says:

    I am 32 yrs old, just took the test and scored 42. Feeling slightly releaved in a way as like the others I’ve always felt that I’ve been on a different wave length to my friends,family and colleagues over the years. When asked a simple question for a simple answer I waffle without realising it sometimes and sometimes I get tongue tied and words just don’t come easy.
    I do obsess over the smaller issues and fail to see the bigger picture sometimes which has been noticed. Is being very indecisive with new situations also a sign?
    Also my thought process seems always hazed, especially if someone asks me things on the spot, to then come out with a stupid answer.
    The numbers thing is interesting as I am rubbish with maths problems, but can find numbers on their own quite fascinating. I can totally understand the social aspect as I do like gatherings but do find conversations challenging.
    Also one thing above all that I really hate that’s been picked up by my wife especially, if I get the slightest bit of criticism or something I misinterpret with anyone I become really touchy and obsess over what it was to prevent it happening again. Could this be another trait?

  • Yep says:

    Male // Age 26 // Tested 34 // Musician/Artist

    Being clinically tested for Aspergers at the moment… thought I would look into it a bit myself. Everyone around me thinks I very well could have it. I am a successful touring musician/DJ for an international act (not about to state who no comfortable being open since I am a public figure) and only have every done sculpture, poetry and music well. I have always had a tick of rubbing my top lip then eye then lip then eye consecutively… like nervous habit but even when I am alone. I prefer to be in the studio over any other thing in life. Even when it is bothersome or stressful to overwork, I put in 17 hours a day sometimes and forget to eat. Publically, I have abused drugs in order to socially tolerate going out. I wont go out otherwise. Its never fun for me and I just want to go back home the entire time unless on stimulants. I am clean now and starting out patient rehab as my therapist thinks I abused for self-medication towards aspergers. They have threw the diagnosis of Bi Polar 1 for the past 4 years at me but I react differently to every drug I take than others around me. Even recreational ones. When in a comfortable setting, I sing a narration of what I am doing…. like “put the lid on the chili” hah…. yea.. only when I am excited for food I suppose. I obsess over every emotional thing in life and outburst all the time to small things or misunderstandings. I cant read what anyone is doing to me/others and I get taken advantage of because of this. A LOT. Music biz isnt the best biz for someone who gets their asses handed to them!!! Lastly, I overanalyse to the point of no return… get very dark and have a twisted imagination.. very dark… and when I talk I talk extremely fast and sporatically about random things I found recent information on. OK. I have said enough. This test may be right. I will know for sure soon though I suppose. Humans are the funniest, big blobs of bone and organs bumbling around firing off synapsis to lead them to believe they are happy. This is exactly what I feel at least.

  • Chase says:

    I’m 16, just took the test for curiosity and got a 10, exciting but im not over the moon about it because I’m not here to gloat.

  • Ethan says:

    I’m 16 yrs old and scored 26. I’ve been tested for aspergers before but no results came back definitive, but numerous doctors told me they thought I probably had a mild case of it. I take a huge interest in science and philosophy at 16. I do tend to obsess on little things and overargue. I’m not extremely socially awkward, just a little. I only like being social with people I relate to, other times I fucking hate it. I have a blatant disreguard for popularity, I only really care about individual intellect. Idk where that’s parallel with this test but there ya go.

  • arjan says:


    31 years old,male, from a small undevelopped country, Caucasian, bachellor, passed most of my life unemployed, IQ 120+, free time spent programming and sometimes socializing, making soap , cold meat and cooking traditional dishes (italian, greek, and native), singing and otherwise creating things. Most of free time is spent programming, gaming or doing technical/mathematical things.

    Relevant Trivia:
    I make hard work socializing, did theatre at 12. In grade 9, I memorized greek, cyrilic and egiptian alphabet and done two or three versions of my own. I learned to play chess when I was 7. I like logical series but hate everyday numbers like phone numbers or adresses, i often cant remember this things but i can can remember avogadros number and lightspeed if i do some memory. I can figure things on my mind very well, and i have no trouble creating stories only if im not pretending to lie to someone. Im very habile at starting conversations but i soonly loose its point. I ran for political office a few years ago.

  • miranda says:

    been in and out of pedeatrician and therapist offices with my 4 year old son.
    Noone willing to do much at all. My son just scored 40 and there were a few answers i was not strongly answering being he was so young.

    I live in the sunshine coast in queensland, is there someone that i can call or people that i can speak too???

  • skippy fungal says:

    I scored 37 answering as honestly as I could having learnt over decades what other people say are the ” right” answers. I can keep up a front but its very hard work and I have a constant fear of imprisonment and think of death every day.

  • Dominic Salter says:

    Ok, i got this result:

    Agree: 2,4,5,6,7,12,13,16,20,21,22,23,26,33,39,41,42,43,46: 1 point
    Disagree: 1,8,10,11,15,17,24,25,27,28,29,30,31,32,34,36,37,38,40,44,47,48,49,50: 1 point
    Score: 43

    Don’t know what it means, don’t really care.

    A couple of people have asked me if i had been tested, in the last few months.

    What can they see that they aren’t talking about?

    I only did this because my partner asked me give it a go, she’s the one that seems more bothered about this. Maybe it’ll makes sense to her.

    Anyway, i’ve typed this so i can prove that i did it, and she can see it. Thanks.

  • Renee says:

    I am a 30 y/o fem, and I scored a 32. I am much better in social situations than I used to be, but I live alone and have few friends. I am still awkward on the phone and talk over people frequently. People exhaust me, but through humiliating trial and error, I can socialize and not put people off all the time. As a child, I loved aquarium fish and at eight I could tell you the proper nitrate/nitrite and Ph levels for keeping various species. It’s a relief to have a name for my odd-ness, as I have been in and out of depression since my teens.

  • Claire says:

    Ok so first test I’ve ever done I’m 23 years old I’ve always been dyslexic and really struggled in school for many reasons. However I’m an electrical engineer and really enjoy my job apart from dealing with customers which I find highly difficult my score was 43!
    I am quite cross that the NHS etc didn’t pick this up earlier so i could of done something about it when I was younger. Least I know now!

  • Ivy Guillot says:

    Im 17 years old and scored 40 both times i took it…i knew i wasnt normal.

  • James says:

    Hi, about a year ago I blurted to my Mum that I was austistic, as a bit of a joke. But it turns out that, over that time, I have realised that I am Aspergers. Looked up symptoms and I match them. On this test I scored 35, which is probably about right. It is fairly liberating, if anything, as it explains the struggles I have in society. Einstein and Mozart were Aspergers. I am not as smart as them but my job is rocket science compared to the jobs of most other people. Also I am the inventor of the Culica Cube game (and was on Dragons Den, (BBC UK) with it) and the Captica board games and have written a novel, “Murder In The Afterlife” on Amazon kindle. I wonder if my novel seems odd to non-Aspergers people 😉 The main aspergers problems I run into is a kind of inability to relate to most people but not all. As I have got older, I am more socially skilful through analysis of situations, and also I feel less compelled to fit in socially. If you want to keep in touch you can reach me at eadon_com AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk – James

  • Paula says:

    I’m 48 y.o. & already diagnosed w/ adult ADD & APD. But I’ve always wondered why I live under such a disconnect. I have friends but I never pursue time w/ them nor do I even care to be close to them. I hate closeness and avoid it at all cost. I make small talk, not a problem at all, because it’s easy to fake people out w/ small talk where you don’t have to truly engage in the lives of others or feign interest in their lives, or let them into yours. It’s so much easier to talk about life’s unimportant little quirks. When they try to elicit some considerate interest on my part in a conversation, I quickly interrupt & talk about my similar experience instead. But now I have been made acutely aware that my family is tired of being tolerant of my inconsiderate ways. I know something is very wrong but I don’t know how to fix myself. I took this test to determine if what I felt was more than ADD or APD. I scored a 30, so I guess it is. I think visually, I obsess on lists, schedules & numbers. I blow sprockets when I’m faced w/ change, & I count steps in everything I do…everything has a process w/ steps that must be adhered. This info may save my marriage, I am this desperate!

  • luke says:

    I recently lost a relationship with a wonderful woman because I could not obsessing with the religious group she is in. People has started taking vacations from me because I wont stop talking about the same thing. I have always gone from subject to subject learning a lot about each one. Then going and sharing everything with people around me. I always wondered why no one cared about the same things I did. I scored a 37. I have a son with Autism and three other people in my immediate family have autism. I am considered the normal one in comparison to my brothers. I believe 100% that I have Aspergers. I always knew that something was very different about how I interacted with people.

  • Ross says:

    Age 61. Test result 47. I’m still alive, live happily with diagnosed Asperger’s syndrome partner.
    No one ever talked about autism when I was young and my parents preferred to pretend I was the same as everyone else. This was probably the best way to treat me because without being treated differently I learnt it was better to try and act the same as “normal” people.
    Just get on with your life and forget trying to get attention of because you malfunction mentally!

  • Faizal says: 24..i don’t care if i had asperger or not before now…but im struggling in my relationship…even my best friend start to shun me off…What Luke says is like if he’s describing me…

  • Brooke says:

    I am 20 and I scored a 31. I was always curious if I had this. After someone explained to me what it is and how it makes someone feel and act it just clicked in my head. It made sense to me because I’ve always felt different and disconnected with the world. I have many many friends but only feel comfortable hanging out with one at a time. I get anxious and over think things when I am with more people. Unless we are larping. Live Action Role Play. Then I can fully be myself because I’m not being myself.

  • Justin mcGee says:

    I’m 14. I had no idea what aspergers was before I met my therapist Cory. The real reason we actually went there is because of my depression which I also have. I like who I am and my personality. I don’t understand sarcasm so I could be happy all my life even with this disorder. : )

  • Kate says:

    I took this test and got a score of 33, which goes along with some of my suspicions about me being slightly autistic. I have a lot of problems with social situations similar to how other people on here have described, and I don’t tend to get as close to others as I probably should.

    However, I noticed all of the questions I am not autistic for are to do with reading and imagination. Is it possible that because my Mum introduced me to books and drawing things that I am like this?

  • Paul says:

    @James of Captica… I’m not autistic, or at least I don’t believe so – I scored 20 in the test. But you’re not alone in having difficulty relating to other people. Perhaps it’s because so many other people appear to be little more than TV-watching beer-swilling morons. So don’t beat yourself up about that. 🙂

  • dylan says:

    I’m 17 and scored 26, I know I didn’t get close to the see a doctor score but some of these problems that people have posted I can relate to like Paula and the small talk and like Brooke with the feeling of being disconnected, I often find that I struggle to talk to people instead I would rather sit and watch how they interact and listen to what there saying rather than join in, I just thought is share what I’ve found out nd learnt from this

  • noah says:

    I’m 22 and I got a 40, 42 the second time I took it. I think I’m well-adjusted now because I’ve learned how to respond in social situations by imitating the behavior of others over the years. I’ve been criticized for going on and on about things, being obsessive, aloof, inconsiderate, etc. I get furious when people drop by unexpectedly. I used to have a really strange, bombastic way of speaking until a few years ago, when I started to realize how much I was alienating everyone. The thought I might have Asperger’s has brought me a lot of peace and I’m looking forward to seeing a professional for the final word. Other than that, I’m going to keep on being the same person and enjoying my gifts.

  • mirtha lockward says:

    Hi, my name is Mia. For me Aspergers was something I couldn’t believe at first. I was diagnosed on a fail attempt to join the marines on my first year of college. I had applied because of my financial situation at the time. I was given a psychological test which later on I was told I had failed because I had Aspergers. Imagine my shock been I was 20 years old oblivious of this sickness. My family has a genetic trade for crazyness as my moms says, but I couldn’t believe my situation. My hole life I had been bullied, alienated and marked for having my type of personality. My score here was of 42 which I guess it means my aspergers is very advanced even thou at the time of my diagnosis I was told I was only level one. It has taken me years ( I am 24 now) and several courses to seem almost what you would call normal. But even so (specially in the country I live in Dominican republic) people don’t seem to recognize Aspergers low levels as a condition, they treat me as if I was just eccentric and push me to adapt, even when I communicate I have Aspergers ( which by the way took me until recently to be able to communicate). Even in my writing, for me to write like this took a year to get used to. I write this to ask you guys, what has been your approach, how can we teach others that Aspergers is real, and that there is more than just the high level of autism out there.

  • heidi says:

    I was dianosed with dyslecia
    and born part deaf and had seen specialist about my speach and always had problems socilising with others
    i was bullied at lot i also have learning difficultys and i love history and musiams and i find i dont learn anything
    untill i am being shown over and over again i find myself
    repeating myself about things people tell me that i say inappropate things that i thick sound appropate i dont realise i do it.

  • Nick says:

    34 year old male. Got a 43 on this test. I’ve had Tourette’s my whole life, and a number of other social issues. Sensory processing disorder. I despise being around people. Absolutely HATE social gatherings. I even can’t stand being around my own children sometimes. I hate myself for that. The noise they make and the things they talk about, makes my brain feel like it’s bleeding. And don’t get me started on shapes. I see geometric shapes EVERYWHERE. My eyes are drawn to them. I’m a software engineer. Love computers and math and star trek. Probably 1 in a 1000 odds that I DON’T have aspergers.

  • Melodi says:

    Paula this information can and will save your marriage, as your post was some time ago I suspect you know this by now with our tendency to analyze and research, I scored 33 about two weeks ago. I have since lead several family members down the same path. My advice do what we do, ie obsess, research or just read up on Aspergers, the life fixing stuff will happen.

  • Sam says:

    I got a 26, and my life is a nightmare because of my inability to have ordinary social interactions. It affects both my personal and professional life, and it’s an unending struggle, and I’m tired. My heart goes out to you people who really do have aspergers or autism. If it’s this bad for me, I can’t imagine how bad it must be for you.

    • Luke says:

      Sam, I’ve done the test a few times and I’m consistently a 27 and relate to everything you’ve said there (5 years ago!) about problems with social interaction and personal relationships. But it really does make a difference to know that borderline Aspergers Syndrome is part of the explanation

  • Space Alien says:

    I scored a 44 on this test. I am a 16 year old female. I always knew there was something wrong with me. I just didn’t know what it was. I am going to bring this to my doctors attention so I can get the diagnosis for what is obviously asperger’s that I have. I need to improve on this before it’s too late.

  • Shiv says:

    I’m nearly 14 and I scored 9.

  • louisa says:

    Score of 9. Average. Room for improvement.

  • Karen says:

    I scored 7, but there are several Asperger behaviour patterns I relate strongly to, but they weren’t really covered in the questions.

  • jloome says:

    I scored a 37 and am not even remotely surprised.

  • Angus Kirk says:

    I only scored 17 although I have made hardly any social relationships. The reason was I never had the opportunity to play with other children until I went to school

  • Susan says:

    I am 54 and got a score of 19. I can relate to some of the comments. I think as I have gotten older I have learned social skills. I have always done better in maths and sciences. I can remember being very shy and my mother did nothing to draw me out. she was quite social and didn’t understand the aching feeling of wanting to say something but never being able to find the words. I have three kids. I made it my job to ensure that they were not shy. I got them involved in many activities. If they made one friend from these activities even if they didn’t like the activity, they learned something can be gotten from everything.
    I wonder if there is more diagnosis of aspergers and autism because people are locked away by themselves learning from book. More people. G to university now than ever before. They don’t give degrees away without some sacrifice.

  • Mindaugas says:

    I scored 6 is it normal or I’m to emotional about people and all kinds of situations? I guess I’m not an asperger’s then. 🙂

  • M&H says:

    I have a young relative who was diagnosed as a pre-schooler, with PDD-NOS (don’t know what the hell is wrong with your kid syndrome, as my partner and I fondly call it). She basically failed to talk at the normal age, and had intestive theropy as a pre-schooler. She seems fine now. My partner & I did the test out of curiousity, he scored 19 and I 20. His most aspergerish responses though, are for his fascination for numbers, mine because I am fairly socially introverted.

  • susan says:

    We recently watched “The Bridge”-I noticed similarities between the character & my husband. When I researched it-a lot of it seemed familiar-he scored 34-hes just turned 50. His parents & siblings always thought he was odd-hes not close to any of them. I always described him as like Spock-I was like Bones. Daughter has development delay.

  • jessica says:

    ermmm i scored 16 and ive already been diagnosed with aspergers? maybe cuz im a girl and i display the symptoms differently than boys do…plus im quite high functioning so my aspergers is quite a mild form. its cuz of the other symptoms of aspergers that are common in girls AND NOT boys that i got diagnosed, none of which are on this test. what if a girl with aspergers took this test and got a score like mine and therefore doesnt go to see a pschiatrist cuz this test tells them theyre normal, and then never get diagnosed?? and therefore suffer through the rest of their life in silence?? i personally think it would be good to have a male oriented aspergers test and a female one. girls go largely undiagnosed because we display the symptoms differently. IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN HELP THEM GET DIAGNOSED TOO. NO ONE DESERVES TO SUFFER IN SILENCE, not that the boys do this, the girls do :(. IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN HELP DIAGNOSE GIRLS WITH ASPERGERS. WE NEED TO DO THIS NOW. THE EARLIER DIAGNOSED THE EARLIER WE CAN START HELPING THEM AND THE MORE LIKELY THEY CAN LEARN TO HAVE AN INDEPENDANT LIFE IN THE FUTURE. EVERYONE DESERVES A DECENT QUALITY OF LIFE.kthanksbye:)

  • Nick says:

    This time I got a 21. However, other times I have gotten higher. I, do however, have quite a large number of the symptoms listed.

    When I got to high school, I had learned how to mimic more or less normal social behavior and did even better in college and beyond.

    I guess I finally had success in that old saying “When you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made!”

  • Jonathan Hayon says:

    I scored a 7. As far as I am concerned, all people are different. I have friends who would have scored a 40 and family who would have scored 50. Still, my father would have scored autistic on this test, because he doesn’t enjoy new situations, small chit chat etc. he is very mathematical ect. But he made 100k a year and provided our family with everyone. Now he’s autistic? BS! This as “disorder” is a joke. Society is comming up for disorders for everyone to make them feel dependent and “not normal” so that you can be under the constant care of a doctor. So that you can keep pumping money into the drug companies etc. if you are happy and living a decent life, forget about this crap. It is a SCAM.

    • Stephanie kham says:

      Jonathan Hayon, thank you for actually saying something positive. Going through these comments has me worried that makes me feel as a normal function person with Aspergers. I’m 24 and scored a 31 and was for sure that I am. If you are happy with your life then I’d say you don’t need to be “treated.” Everyone is different: introverted, extroverted, etc. We are in the end of times, people. The government wants you to think you’re crazy so you’re heavily medicated all the time to not see what’s really going on around you. Wake up, people!

  • Julie says:

    My husband and I both took the test and he scored a 22 and I a 10. No surprise that he’s the one who knows a million and one facts about planes, animals, science and physics while I’m the one who gravitates toward counseling friends who are having difficulty relating to their friends, family or job. I work in IT risk management and often feel a bit like a fish out of water when my coworkers fall in love with metrics, data, or a mathematical means of analyzing risk when I’m just not that into it. My observation: self-knowledge is the starting place for anyone who must interact with the rest of society, Aspergers or not. What this test should help reveal is each of our natural inclinations and that’s important to know where the “gaps” will occur in interacting with others. Remember, even non-Aspergers have to do things to adapt when dealing with other people.

  • Patrick says:

    26, i scored 24. I’m not going to say I have aspergers, but I certainly have some traits. I do feel slightly relieved though, it explains a lot 🙂

    also dyslexic, mad into computers and art 🙂

  • Winnie says:

    I’m 13 and I scored a 22…I do have autistic traits…I’m shy towards new people, very social and kind of comfortable towards close friends, I have high logical reasoning and IQ…and I’m at the top of my middle school (I hope I get to Stuy~)…Hmmm…I guess my mom was right about me. I’m the type to be shunned by haters and depressed or anxious when something bad happens in terms of friendships and grades…well, I live a perfectly normal life and such, so I only knew till this quiz. I’m glad I took it. If I really was autistic or had aspergers, I wouldd’ve not really made any friends. Thank God for friends, since they are the ones that kept me safe from haters and traumatizing things (I was traumatized by many things during childhood, making my own expectations of myself way higher than what was, which concluding in being a little outcasted away from social life, and more into the world of academics)

  • KS says:

    diagnosed with Asspergers when i was young but i scored 13 i am greatly happy as i am getting rediagnosed next week 😀

  • david griffis says:

    My girlfriend had me take this test. I scored borderline but she said I was conservative with my answers. I hate to say that she might be right. She loves me but I feel little empathy. I didn’t realize that I was so insensitive.

  • C says:

    I scored a 23. I’m unsurprised by my score; I always knew I had certain traits that could be deemed autistic. I know that I’m not nearly comfortable enough in social situations and I probably suffer from slight social anxiety. Also, I enjoy being by myself and only surround myself with a small circle of friends. And even then, these friends have to be the one that makes the move to plan social outings. It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with them, it’s just that I don’t really know how to plan these things.

    So yeah, a 23. Tendency towards autistic traits. N

  • Taveon says:

    My parents thought I had this shit. Got a 10. Thank God. Every Asspie I’ve seen is so glaringly awkward that they scare me. I’d rather be surrounded by a pack of selfish sociopaths than a nerd convention full of Asspies. I’m slightly out of the norm here, but I’m glad it’s in the right direction. Btw, I’m a math major at an Ivy. That’s right: I beat y’all at your own game, bitchez!

  • Amber says:

    @Jonathan Hayon, being autistic doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a good father and have a good job. What you’re saying is very rude. If you don’t exhibit strongly the symptoms of austism, then you don’t understand what it feels like to have it. People are trying to figure out why their lives and relationships have been difficult, and you’re discrediting a valid answer for them. Are you the ultimate word in autism diagnosis? Are you even a physician or psychologist? Who are you to take hope away from someone like that? Again, you do not know what it is like going through life with the disorder. It’s silly of you to assume it’s a happy and decent life. It is not. And that’s what these people are saying. They need support, not people like you.

  • Jillian says:

    i’m 30 and i scored 17. looks like i’m average 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Took the test and got a score of 23. When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome by a child psychologist and it turns out she GUILTED my parents into making them believe I had the disorder so they would pay her for therapy sessions. Years later I was re-diagnosed by another therapist and she confirmed that I had social anxiety disorder and inattentive ADD which in the long run helped me out TONS. I believe Asperger’s Syndrome is a real disorder because I’ve seen the real individuals who have it and you can totally tell from the get go when they start talking. However, I don’t believe the whole “1 in 88 kids is born with autism” thing. I think it’s just a marketing tactic for the medical industry to make huge sums of money.

  • Plastikman says:

    I am 13 and scored 41 on the

  • Schteve says:

    Hello. I scored a 16 which puts me in the average grade. I’m not surprised really. I display some tendencies of autism – I find it hard to tell the difference between jokes and seriousness and sarcasm is lost on me, but I’m very social, I can engage with people well and I do, plus I’m interested in a lot of different topics. I still feel ‘different’ to other humans, but in what exact way (apart from being cosmic), I just don’t know. Ah well, back to the drawing board. Take care, Schteve

  • Margaret says:

    I’m 45 and scored 47. Thank goodness for computers – don’t know how I would’ve survived otherwise

  • yodasodabob says:

    I’m a 14-year-old male and I’ve gotten a 26, 32 and i believe a 36 on this test, and my life is basically shit. i can’t work in social situations (unless it’s with my friends, of course), i repeat things the same way over and over again, i love computers and being generally anti-social. i also can’t take a joke and don’t usually get sarcasm. i think of my self as an outsider at school. i usually compare my self to Pink from Pink floyd the Wall. these are all aspurgers traits, so i know for a fact that i have it.

  • James says:

    I’ve never been the most social, but just for the sake of curiosity I came here to see what the results would be. I only scored a 10, which was a whole lot lower than I thought I’d get. (I’m fourteen, by the way.)

  • emma says:

    i scored 27, im not really sure whether i have it or not really, i am sensitive to noise though which i heard is a part of it, and also i hate silence, a bit of a contridictary, i hate silent places, makes me really anxious, not good for exams. x

  • Brunna says:

    Well, I’m 19 and scored 39! I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome already.

  • Suzanne says:

    I just want to thank you for offering this test. It is through taking it, and scoring 36 that I am now reading more about Aspergers Syndrome to find help for some of my issues. I am 54 years old & never knew why I always felt so different from the rest of society…now I am beginning to get it. Thank you so much!

  • mallory says:

    I’m 15 and I haven’t been diagnosed with autism or aspergers but I received a score of 41. Is that normal to be so high on the spectrum but have covered up the condition with acquired social skills?

    • jamie says:

      Yes, I think it is possible. My highest and lowest scores respectively are 47 and 39, and my AS goes largely unnoticed at school.

  • wendy says:

    I got a 33, but I think it could be higher and I’ve just learned to cover it up? I’m 15 and I’ve read up on Asperger’s Syndrome and I fit the description fairly well, but I also have social anxiety and depression, so that might be contributing to the score as well. Is this worth talking to my doctor about?

  • Jess says:

    I’m 31 I’ve never been diagnosed with Asperger’s or Autism, but I scored a 32 on this. I’ve had to learn a lot on reading people though, but I generally avoid social situations if I can. Most people just assume I’m stuck up rather then withdrawn from things.

  • MIke says:

    I’m 43 and scored a 40. I have no official diagnosis of Asperger’s. Social situations make my skin crawl. I find as I get older I’m getting tired of trying to improve my social skills and trying to fit in. I just don’t care about meeting new people. I’m terrible with names because when I do meet new people I just want the uncomfortable situation to go away. I don’t plan on making friends with them so my brain hears the new name and quickly discards it. The few friends I do have though are very close and I’m fiercely loyal to them.

    • Aidan says:

      I’m 18 and I scored a 40 as well I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS but was borderline Asperger’s. I find the same thing that I really don’t like going out and being with people much, except for a select few friends and my girlfriend and my family. I don’t have awful social skills though, I never go out but I can still communicate and get along decent, but I think because my IQ is 130 SD 15, I’m able to pick it up just cuz I’m decently smart, so I may be something of a high functioning autistic as well.

    • Alan says:

      I read your comment Mike and can totally relate to everything you said. I scored 39 on the questionaire. I’m thinking of going to see the G. P and to get a proper diagnosis. I’m not sure how it will help except maybe it will help me to make sense of my life and why I am the way I am

  • Aladdin _1978 says:

    My average score is 25. I have a non – standard diagnosis of aspergers traits. I was told that means, I have borderline asperger syndrome.
    My dyspraxia is much worse, it has caused me a history of problems. Being a borderline aspie, is not problematic. My mother acknowledges my dyspraxic difficulties, but not aspergers difficulties, I have no deficiancy in social interaction. I am good at Maths & IT. Dyspraxia is poorly explained, affecting 10% of the population.

  • Tony says:

    I got 37 and I wasn’t even trying to get a good score 🙂 It would be great to have an official diagnosis so that my wife would believe me that I’m not trying to be mean. I get surprised when she thinks I am..

  • Martin Palmgren says:

    LOL, My psychiatrist wanted me to take this test, and i scored 7. I tried to be as honest as possible, yet i find it strange that i got a lower score than the average person.

  • kieva says:

    I am 28 and just scored a 38. I have a consultation to get tested on the 16th. The consultation costing $169. And another $2,000, if they deem me test worthy. I might just be desperate enough to give up half my savings. I’m sick of jumping from job to job cause of social problems 🙁

  • Stephanie says:

    Took the test after hearing an interview with Temple Gradin today. She was describing her thought processes. Exactly mine. Scored a 42. 31 years old, and this explains a lot. Didn’t grow up in a house that was sensitive to things, so the coping mechinisms I’ve developed are working well. Until I win the lotto, then I’m dropping out of everything and persuing obsessions full tilt:)

  • Kailea says:

    Thanks very much for this! I am currently fourteen, and I scored a Thirty-Seven! I’ve been doing research, and I finally took this test just for clarification, and I’m greatly relieved to have a sort-of clarification. Now, to get myself diagnosed, officially, is going to come next…

  • Aidan Murphy says:

    I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, but I was close to Asperger’s syndrome. I’m 18 and I scored 40.

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m 16 and have taken this test a few times in the past year and have gotten between 34 and 44 each time. I read up on this and even wrote a ten page paper on it for school and I do fit most of the criteria. Should I be talking to my parents about this? They don’t really believe in neurological disorders. I also have symptoms of others (social anxiety, schizophrenia/paranoia, OCD), but it seems like if you have one disorder, there are usually symptoms of others. I do my best to mask my symptoms from my family and friends, but it gets frustrating when my own methods can’t control them, causing them to interfere with my daily life. Again, should I talk to my parents, or am I just over identifying with these because I’ve been reading about them a lot?

  • beatrice says:

    49 yos and if i have to be in a large crowd i will literally have a seizure! i scored a 32 both times i took the test.
    i took the test because i have several cousins and second cousins that are autistic. also, going through family albums, all my pictures look like i am mad. what does a two yo have to be mad about? in one school picture, if looks could kill the photographer would have been pushing up daisies!

  • Mutasim says:

    scored 37, the worst thing is i have to memorise every license plate in front of me,
    I’am so different ..

  • chloe says:

    Im 14 and got 43 I am a very socially awkward person what should I do

  • GreaterRedDragon says:

    I’m a 16 year old girl and I scored 30. I won’t say I have Aspergers, but if it turns out that I do, it would explain quite a lot. More research must be done on my part.

  • Molly says:

    Age: 13
    Score: 32

    My brother has Aspergers and ADHD and my mum was sure I had it too. I haven’t been officially diagnosed as my parents and I don’t want me to be because I want to be in the police and they wouldn’t let me in if I was! What should I do?

  • Daniel says:

    I’m 15 years old, and have just taken the test, on which I got an AQ score of 49 (which is 17 AQ points above the point at which is supposedly aspergic). As a small child I was allegedly diagnosed with mere traces of autism, although I have never been tested at all since then. However, occasionally when I behave in a way which my mother finds odd, she says that what I am doing is typical of somebody with autism. Also, prior to taking this test, I did some research on-line about autism and, more specifically, Asperger Syndrome, and I found that I had pretty much all of the symptoms of the disorder! That all said, this test is interesting, and one day I may go for a proper medical test just to see what the results come out like. 🙂

  • James Convey says:

    i’m 15 and scored 44. That to me is a very high score, however my best friend has been medicallu diagnosed and shows far more symptons than I think that I do. Is this just me or has my friend got a score im the 50/60’s region of the spectrum

  • Kaleena says:

    Age: 22
    Score: 36

    People have always thought I’m strange because I am obsessive and single-minded, with an eye for detail. In high school and college, I remembered birthdates and numbers better than biological processes. I always thought it was just because I have a mathematical brain.

    Still, I find myself commenting on a daily basis that I don’t understand people, that I don’t understand the social structure at work, that I don’t understand why people think they way they do or how society as a whole has arrived at many of its conclusions. I struggle when situations, especially personal situations, are not black and white. Other people seems to navigate the grey areas and move on, while my entire mental process shuts down and refuses to reboot until the situation has been wiped from my memory (generally aided by my single-minded obsession with fiction).

    I find it easier to understand computers than people, but I find myself drawn to people’s emotions. I find myself wanting to help people with logical explanations and solutions, but they sometimes fall out of what is socially acceptable and I tend to not understand why.

    Maybe now I know why I don’t understand.

  • assburgers says:

    OH NOES IVE GOT ASSBURGERS!!!!!111111oneoneone!!!!!!111

  • Bascir says:

    I just scored a 44. I know I always have felt different and don’t care for social interaction that much. What would be my best bet for being seen? Especially when it’s hard for me to make eye contact.

  • Lance says:

    I’m 48 years old and i scored 37 on the test.I am transgendered (m2f) and have just started transitioning. I have always had strong social anxiety and there’s nothing i can do about it but keep on living.

  • sam says:

    i’m 31 and got a 37 always sat on my own at school don’t like talking on the phone. didn’t like socialising sat on my own while a friend tried to get me to dance with guys tend to repeat myself talk alot don’t know when its my turn to speak apparently interrupt ppl and don’t know i’m doing it

  • Lisa says:

    I’m 25 and scored 40. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I think it was probably worse when I was a child and I have been able to deal with most of the symptoms pretty well. I can hide them easily. I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and have had depression off and on for a very long time. I have not been officially “diagnosed” with any of this. My parents never seemed to be concerned about it, and I think its because they have many of the same traits too. Luckily, I have a husband and a 3 really awesome friends who understand me, and that’s all I really need.

  • Jami says:

    I am 21 and just scored a 43, ive always been called awkward and the only friends I had growing up was my mentally handicapped cousin and a friend I made at school who is schizophrenic and has multiple personalities. im curious as to what I should do next, ive tried to talk to my mother and she refuses to believe I could have anything like this she says I am worrying to much and have anxiety and just little quarks.. like counting things and tapping my feet in patterns and loud sounds make me feel sick or angry and social situations make me panic. even to go in the mall i have to first build myself up. its almost like i scared to be in public. and when i am forced to go to parties everyone just comments how awkward i am and i barely talk to anyone and they only time i can talk is if i have a few drinks, then all i do is ramble on about things i know like hockey or music

  • Alex says:

    I am 14 and I got 46. I have had difficulty in social situations all my life and I barely have any friends. I spend most of my life either programming(I am fluent in Python, HTML/CSS and intermediate/advanced at Java and have just started Objective-C), playing computer games or doing maths. Maths is my main interest and I am taking my GCSE maths in Year 9. I have many rules which I must follow otherwise I become agitated or anxious. Please can someone advise me as to what I should do with these results

    • Mark says:

      We would recommend signing up for our free mini course on aspergers

    • Becca says:

      I would recommend pursuing a formal diagnosis, it will enable you to get help with social skills and life skills in general as well as generally helping you to get an explanation for your behavior

  • amel says:

    Female 40 yrs old
    score: 31

    Have four other family members with it.
    My friends and family call me a nerd and a stick in the mud. I feel like I pretend to be human.
    I have, however, learned to make friends and maintian rleationships…. i fake it till I make it!

  • Laura says:

    23, female
    Score: 44.
    I am almost certain I am on the spectrum. I’m quite certain I suffer other social disorders as well. But I can’t make phone calls, and doctors make me extremely anxious, so I guess we’ll never know for sure.

  • Keagan says:

    I took this, and another test or two, out of curiosity. About 2 years ago, an acquaintance of mine who is essentially a case manager for Autistic children asked me if I had ever been evaluated for or considered I might have Asperger’s.

    In fact, I had given it vague consideration in the past, but didn’t feel it worth pursuing since, as an adult, if I do have it, I have mostly learned to cope/compensate. However, receiving the suggestion from someone I would consider incredibly knowledgeable on the issue gave me more to think about.

    On this particular self-test, I scored a 41. I gather that is fairly high. I suppose it validates some of the difficulties I have had in dealing with people, but I wonder what the next step is.

    I question whether pursuing an official diagnosis would be more helpful than harmful. Do I want the “stigma” this would bring? How would my family feel? My dad thinks I hung the moon and dislikes me making any sort of reference to being different, even though he often hammered on me about my “shyness” as a child.

    I have, as I mentioned, mostly learned to compensate. I am in a job that interests me enough that I’ve stored vast amounts of trivial knowledge of it, which, in turn, tends to make management view me as a valuable resource, and coworkers to default to me to solve issues they can’t solve on their own. Although I dislike working with others in general, I don’t mind helping people, and I do gain some sense of accomplishment from being the “go to”, even when interruptions irritate and side-track me. People generally think I’m “different” or “slightly off”, but knowledgeable enough to earn respect regardless.

    So, I wonder, is it worth pursuing diagnosis? Or do I just take the knowledge that I may have it, study up on it, and expand my stable of coping skills? Ultimately, I guess I feel that an official diagnosis would require me to disclose that diagnosis to the more important people in my life, and I don’t know that I want to do that. I am, by nature, and extremely private person, and I don’t like to let people in on what may be going on in my head. I suppose, for the most part, I am more comfortable being a bit of mystery to others than a spectacle, or, worst of all, someone to be (needlessly) pitied.

    This is basically rhetorical, because in the end, these are questions only I can answer. I guess it just feels good to vent a little.

    • Zulema Toro says:

      I got a score of 27, which according to the test is borderline. It has not been until recently that began to consider this. Maybe in part due to the Big Bang Theory show’s character. Probably I will look for professional diagnosis. Why? Well, because knowing will let me understand myself better and why things in my life are as they are. I am 45, I have no friends and it is quite difficult for me to understand people and deal with social situations. Sometimes I have no clue about how to react in a determined situation. I prefer to be alone , in “my world” and doing whatever is of my interest at the time. I like repetition and therefore see the same tv series, movies or read books that I like several times.

  • Ian says:

    Age 57. Score 43.

    Have suspected for ages that i had aspergers .

    I was sexually abused as a young boy over a prolonged period between the ages of 5-8,which didn’t really show up till i hit puberty,and when i was 16 (and after a lot of drink),i attempted to take my own life (fortunately i was unsuccessfull,and referred to a psychiatrist,who uncovered the abuse,and also had the abuser in the hospital at that time. He took me on the ward where he was,and i instantly recognised him,though he didn’t know me from Adam.

    At that point i just put my social awkwardness/ineptness and ocd phases down to the abuse,and got on with life.

    I have been married for 33 years,have 2 great children and i suppose i have adapted to a certain extent,to seem relatively normal to most people,though those that know me well (especially family) know that i am different.

    I also suffered multiple embolic strokes 3 years ago which have also muddied the waters,as i now suffer from a broken short term memory,short attention span,poor concentration,overwhelmed in group situations and have frequent emotional swings,and other cognitive issues.

    I have managed to hold down a career as a database / technical performance analyst for the last 35 years with the same company,and i suppose i have done well,but it has been nagging away again that i likely have aspergers.

    I love a set routine. I go to the gym every day.We eat out twice a week,always at the same place.We have holidayed in the same resort for about 30 of the last 32 years. I hate change. I hate spontaneity. I have a million scenarios in my head of,”if this happens,i will do that”,and if that happens i will do this,and if something occurs that i haven’t anticipated,then its a mad panic.

    I’m fortunate in that my job suits this perfectly. I have soaked up nformation over the years,and am now used as a sort of reference point for when problems occur. My long term memory was unaffected by the stroke.

    I have often been referred to as the go to person at work to investigate the complex problems that may crop up.

    Like many above have said,life just seems so much easier when you can always apply logic.

    I’m not looking to take this any further,just knowing myself,makes so much of what has happened more understandable,and i probably just need to cut myself a little slack and be proud of the way i’ve managed to negotiate these 57 years,and perhaps give myself a little pat on the back

  • Heather says:

    Wow! While here I match up with so many of these options- scored 37,there are many aspects I’m quite happy with-enjoying solitude etc. And I’ve generally had a good bunch of friends despite my antisocial behavior. My problem is work environments!

    I find it extremely stressful dealing with office politics and expressing myself clearly and knowledgably. I’m aware that I know what I’m talking about but find it difficult to enunciate. I find communication in an appropriate manner hard to figure out,although I’m perfectly ok in a social setting. As a child I used to have a terrible temper and I think that was primarily frustration at not being able to express myself properly. Now I struggle to cope with the phone ringing and emails and colleagues making demands. I get really concerned with my ability to meet everyone’s requirements and find it impossible to deal with the stress this creates.

    But if I’m able to block off the chatter with headphones and control when I communicate, I’m fine. But how to deal with office politics? How to get promotions when your boss thinks you either have verbal diarrhea or are mute? How to express any interest in the dull birthday cakes and afternoon teas at work? I find it impossible to get interested in colleagues generally! Any suggestions appreciated (-:

  • Kat says:

    Score: 37
    Age: 13
    It was a hard test to take and some of the questions were a bit confusing, so I’m not sure how correct it is.

    • Charlotte says:

      I am fourteen years old. I have taken the test and scored 48. I am incredibly intelligent as I have only started my GCSEs and already have achieved A stars. I can’t maintain conversations with people or know what to say to the man on the bus or in the shops, hence why I always use the self service check-out. My friends get upset when I say things to them but I don’t know why. My parents laugh at me and frequently make remarks regarding my socially inept nature. All of my friends until I started year 7 have been autistic. I can’t talk to people my own age, own small children and animals. I prefer animals to people. Do I have Asperger’s syndrome? The former isn’t a rhetorical question.

      • D.S. says:

        Yes, you definitely have Asperger’s. You don’t even need to see a psychologist, based on what you’ve said it’s definitely obvious.

      • Jamie says:

        Hi, I’m 14 and I’m the smartest in my year of 300 people in maths, I am expected to get a new spec grade 9 (A**), but in subjects like English and history, I’m getting a 0/U, I find it hard to focus on work in every lesson other than maths, as I work for about 30 seconds then start fidgeting, if I fully zone in on 1 task then I will out-do everybody else doing it and am super competitive, I get bullied at school and get called a ‘Weirdo’ because I find it awkward to talk to people and make new friends, I have around 4/5 people in my friend circle but they always try and ditch me because I’m 14 and always talk about subjects they are not interested in (I play minecraft all the time), I scored 45/50 on the test

    • Charlotte says:

      If it is confusing ask an adult unless they are stupid or use a dictionary.

  • Angela says:

    To the young people (teenagers) who did the test. Keep doing this test once a year. Being socially awkward and unempathetic could be a very normal part of adolescence, so don’t let it define you at this stage. Many people grow up more slowly, and experience is your friend! You could also do more research about the condition and how to help yourself in awkward situations.

    I’d also say do a Personality Test and see where you fit in with the 16 main types. It will give you some insight and help with career choices (wish they had been around when I was a teenager). At this young age, don’t make this test a self-fulfilling prophecy but use it as a tool for your self-development as you enter adulthood.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Bibliophile says:

    I am 12 and I have taken the his test a number a number of times, my lowest sore better my 27 and my highest 32. I guess I am borderline? Today I got 30. Even if I am just borderline, it still helps explain a lot of the things I do and say that are different. Thanks! Do you think I might have aspergers?

  • moniker says:

    23 years old, Female
    Score: 33

    so I have Asperger Syndrome?
    Im always in disbelief towards results. Whatever they are they always surprise me in a way I always cant believe it. Perhaps this pertains to other disorder/s as to why, but I guess I just read into test too much where I questions and analyze the relevance of each questions. I always ask “Is that all?”, like is it that really simple even with official diagnoses when I go to checkups. Cause I always expect complexity towards diagnosing and maybe Im just really reading into things all the time. I always think suspiciously and maliciously, and deeply breaking down the diagnosis.

    This is a free test online so its sure fire not that accurate. It can omly be taken with grain salt, but even if i get an official diagnosis from a profressional help, I wouldnt still believe it. I always believe Im normal and functioning fine. I know Im not when I read about my abnormal behaviors but I couldnt shake the feeling and confidence that theres nothing abnormal about my behavior.

    I know I have trouble in social interactions specifically ever since childhood. Other people call me weird and awkward. I feel
    humiliated during and after but I dont feel like Im shy at all initially. People call me shy but I cant see myself as one. I just dont really know what to do or say. But I never really feel like an outcast nor out of place.

    Is that kind of insensitivity is one of symptoms of being an Aspie? I cant tell whats going on with my surroundings and completely cant read the atmosphere in social interactions. Despite being aware via learning, I act what I know in situations like a robot but dont still feel anything. Deep inside Im still as unaware and dense to everyone around me.

  • Griffin says:

    Uh…. Hi?
    I’m 15 and I just scored 39 on the AQ test. It makes sense with a lot of things, like how I get really upset when I can’t pursue my interests (writing, theater) but it doesn’t quite line up with other aspects of me? I don’t find it too difficult to “read” a situation, as long as I’m not involved. When I am involved in whatever is happening, however, I do tend to find it hard to work out what the people around me are thinking.
    Even though I’m not perfectly aligned with all the symptoms, 39 is a rather large number. Am I on the spectrum, or am I just a weird kid?

  • Craig A. Myers says:

    Got 50 out of 50. Was nearly hospitalized by my shrink. (Was able to talk him out of doing that.) Failed a test on Depression and failed to score on the Johari Window test. Yet I don’t “feel” bad….

  • Martin says:

    Explains a lot in retrospect.
    This site is a great resource.
    Thank you.

  • Joe says:

    I got a 43 and i am 16 and i absolutely hate talking to people and listing to anything while i am trying to think deeply with care. I never really understood the joys of having a friend or let alone a significant other. I am also really really really bad with words.

  • Melissa says:

    My spouse and I both took the test. She got a 34 and I got a 9. What the heck does a 9 mean? I knew she was on the spectrum already but this test helped confirm it.

  • R says:

    Age 26 (turning 27 next month in July), Female
    AQ: 29 (same score as last year)

    Never ‘seriously’ considered the idea of Aspergers for myself until now. I’m rather surprised my score isn’t higher though. I’ve rarely had a ‘close friendship’ that lasted over 6 months in my life. Even when I’m around people, I’ve always been considered the acquaintance or the ‘quiet one’ who people tended to leave out of their social circle. Post-school/university life, I’ve cared less about getting close to people though and prefer doing most things alone without much care…this includes doing extreme crap like living/traveling alone in foreign lands for many months.

  • Glyn says:

    I’m 47 -not taken this test for a while but I just scored 41. I know I have asperger syndrome as I was diagnosed 4 years ago. It might have helped to have had a childhood diagnosis, but I adapted my behaviour as best as I could and it is possible to live a relatively normal life in the sense that I’ve been continuously employed since leaving Uni, have a well paid job, wife, family, mortgage etc. I’ve had some counselling to help me make sense of things which has helped a lot. Life hasn’t always been easy but I’ve managed to craft a good one for myself.

  • Max says:

    I myself have a 44 on the test. I am a female teenage who is known as a person with cretin weird things about me. I am know as the emo or goth kid. I have always known something has been off with me. Every time iv’e took a test and being more and more honest the score keeps getting higher and higher. I don’t know how to bring the concerns of this my past therapists had about me (i had two different ones in that one year and they both had thee same concern but never had the time to look into it). I do know this though, I am a good masker. I was also diagnosed with “sensory sensitivity” I don’t know what that has to do with anything.
    Any advise?

  • Bruce says:

    53 y.o. scored 33.
    Some questions I could identify with a tick in the box even before I had finished reading the answers and the start to the next question.
    With others questions I would need another 2 to 4 extra options somewhere in the middle to be able to feel I had given a good response!
    Recently I noticed I have started to add extra boxes on forms so I can give a response I feel more comfortable with.
    Does anyone else do this?

  • MarkW says:

    Is there a distribution curve for this? I scored 30 and I’m trying to work out what borderline means, ie is this the 90, 95, 99% Confidence Interval? Or is it that 90, 95, 99% of adults fall below 32?

    My score kinda makes sense, ie borderline. I guess it would have been much, much higher had I taken it as a teenager but at 50 I’ve learnt how to read and navigate the world, others and my preferences. 1-16 I’d def have just said I was an alien, that really neatly captures it all.

  • Matthew says:

    44/50 What now? What are the pros and cons of getting officially tested?

  • yanthia heath says:

    Iv just scored 54 joke thing, I thought I was just quirky, mad!!! Borderline sociopath iv been called among other things

  • yanthia heath says:

    54/64 whhhaaatttt!!! I’m 42yr old female, I thought I was just quirky, iv been called a borderline sociopath among other things, wow!!! Me thinks I need to get to the doctors, maybe I will get help maybe I won’t, in the mean time ima just be me

  • >