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Questions about Autism Parenting Magazine

Its really an exciting age when you can get the latest news, information and techniques from the world of Autism Parenting delivered to your ipad while you sleep, all for the price of the cafe latte per month. We have had a really amazing response to our last email about the new Autism Parenting Magazine  along […]

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Preparing Children With Autism for the Dentist

  Bringing a child to the dental office can be a daunting task for any parent but especially for parents of Autistic children. Here are 10 things you can do to prepare your child, and yourself, for the dental visit. Following these tips will lead to a smoother experience for both of you and build your child’s […]

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Autism Parenting Magazine launched on newstand

Unlike other parents, the parents of Autistic children often struggle alone. Faced with challenging and difficult behavior, its not always easy to find the best ways to help your child.  Parents are often thrown into a situation where they have to navigate the minefield of getting official support, access to services and work out the strategies and […]

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