Special webinar on how to get extra ordinary results for children with Autism, ADHD and developmental difficulties

Just a quick blog to let readers of this site know about a special webinar that is created by Anat Baniel on how to get results for children with Autism, ADHD and developmental disorders.

It details how parents and teachers and clinicians who treat children help those with special needs overcome challenges and dramatically improve a wide range of abilities? The Kids Beyond Limits webinar will offer remarkable insights and practical advice for children with disabilities.

Anat Baniel has developed a reputation of her work with special needs children and adults. She works as a clinical psychologist and is a recent author of two books:

Kids Beyond Limits and Move into Life. She has refined her methods for more than 30 years and currently runs the Anat Baniel Method facility in Marin County, Calif.

The webinar will discuss issues such as:

  • Waking up the brains – tapping into the potential of special needs children
  • Pushing the boundaries of whats possible
  • Triggering brain growth through variation

Find more details about the webinar here.

You can also find more about Anats work at http://www.anatbanielmethod.com/




Mark Blakey

Mark Blakey is the founder of the Aspergers Test Site, after a successful career working in IT Mark wanted to share what he learned from his own diagnosis. He is the author of "Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers" and "An Introduction to Aspergers Syndrome". Having received lots of questions from parents with autistic children, Mark went on to found Autism Parenting Magazine. The magazine has become an essential resource aimed at improving the quality of life for families effected by Autism. Its a monthly publication containing lots of helpful articles to help develop social skills, manage challenging behavior and improve communication.