AQ Test now available as a mobile application on ios and android

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, we have been working on an exciting project which has kept us busy. After a few months work we are pleased to announce the release of the Asperger’s Test Site application for iPhone, iPad and Android.




We know from running the Test Site for a couple of years that some people like to retake the test. Many people observe changes in the AQ Test score at different points of their life. It can be useful to see how our score changes with time and now it becomes even easier with the release of this mobile testing application.

We also get a lot of referrals from medical and health Practitioners who are involved in the business of diagnosis. Now this app can be carried around for practitioners to do mobile testing of their clients.

If you know anyone who you think may have Aspergers Syndrome or are somewhere on the autistic spectrum, feel free to send them the links to this application on ios and android. They can also signup to the free course on Aspergers directly from the application so they can learn more about the condition.

We know a lot of you like to stay in contact with our blog posts as soon as they are released. So we have also added a blog reader into the application which will enable you to see new blogs as soon as they are released.

So go ahead and download the application on iphone, ipad or android.

Dont forget to leave us a 5 star review so we can help spread the awareness of  Aspergers Syndrome and Autism.


Mark Blakey

Mark Blakey is the founder of the Aspergers Test Site, after a successful career working in IT Mark wanted to share what he learned from his own diagnosis. He is the author of "Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers" and "An Introduction to Aspergers Syndrome". Having received lots of questions from parents with autistic children, Mark went on to found Autism Parenting Magazine. The magazine has become an essential resource aimed at improving the quality of life for families effected by Autism. Its a monthly publication containing lots of helpful articles to help develop social skills, manage challenging behavior and improve communication.