What about parents that have Asperger’s?

Having Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism when you are parent is one of the most difficult things anyone on the Autism Spectrum can experience. There are probably times when you overwhelmed with sensory overload that you don’t know how to cope.

This special issue of Autism Parenting Magazine, is devoted to this very issue, featuring information that can help you deal with sensory overload and the challenges of parenting when you are on the Autism Spectrum.

The issue is available for immediate download or viewing via an ipad.

Make sure you check it out here: http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/issue-3-focus-parents


Mark Blakey

Founder of the Aspergers Test Site, author of "Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers" and "An Introduction to Aspergers Syndrome". The website was setup in 2012 to give people access to valuable resources pre and post diagnosis

  • Anavlis says:

    what a fabulous post! We are revelilaty new (since aug this year) to the world of blogging but i find it such a releif to hear of others experiences and it has helped us feel less alone in having a child a child who is different’. thanks so much. will be keeping an eye on your blog now i’ve found it. x

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