Autism in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic

You’re probably asking — how exactly do I manage autism in the middle of a pandemic?

Covid-19 is here and it has drastically changed our world for the past several weeks. Businesses closed, travels ceased, schools had shut down, and we are all asked to stay at home for our own safety. Whether we like it or not, it has changed our way of life.

Thousands of autism families are significantly affected by the changes this coronavirus has brought. With it, anxieties, fears, stress, and routine changes came.

As some of you may know, as well as running the Aspergers Test Site.I also created Autism Parenting Magazine to help parents of autistic children.

Many of our dear parents are now struggling and it really is heartbreaking. While the world continues to heal, Autism Parenting Magazine is working tirelessly to provide the most updated information that will help people effected by autism pull through this difficult time.

As coronavirus spreads around the world, majority of conversations centered on it. For kids with autism, it raised lots of questions and worries. To help foster understanding, below is an article with simple tips to consider when explaining coronavirus with your child with autism. Along with it is an excellent social story you can use.

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How Do I Talk to My Child With Autism About Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We have also come up with articles that will help you understand the sensory overload and social demands this crisis may create for your child as well as a list of activities that will help improve your child’s sensory, gross motor, fine motor, and self-help skills while staying at home. Click the links below to learn more.

The Importance of Giving Kids With ASD Some Space During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Can I Work on Skills With a Child With Autism During the Coronavirus Crisis?

When the pandemic broke the news, one of the first and many challenges it caused is the increase in anxiety and fear which brought a lot of stress to parents. So to help you manage the heightened anxiety, we’re bringing you these helpful articles:

How Do I Manage the Coronavirus Scare as a Parent of a Child With Autism?

Top Ways to Reduce an Autistic Child’s Anxieties During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Managing the Emotional Impact Quarantine Has on Autism Families

Despite the closing of businesses and schools, many teachers, therapists, counselors and other health providers still choose to connect with their students and younger clients. With the articles below, discover the top ways you can communicate and stay connected with your child’s educational and health support.

Ways Teletherapy Can Help Your ASD Child During the Coronavirus Crisis

Top Ways to Communicate With Your ASD Child’s Teacher During the COVID-19 Shutdown

As we always promised, we’re delivering you expert advice on how autism families can manage this pandemic so we reached out to Alison Singer, Co-Founder and President of the Autism Science Foundation. In the article below, she discussed what can families do to get the support they need, updates on the CDC’s new autism prevalence rate stats as well as what we can do if we suspect our loved one with autism has the coronavirus, which we honestly really don’t want to happen.

Autism Science Foundation President Share the Best Ways to Manage COVID-19

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Now is a great time to learn lots of useful autism tips, most up-to-date​​​​ news and professional guidance you’ll need to make the wisest decision for your child, especially in this situation we’re experiencing.

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We are on this together. Be strong!

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