Whats your biggest challenge?

As well all know very well, Aspergers Syndrome is not such an easy condition to live with. Part of what makes it more difficult is not having the information we need in order to thrive in life.

In our quest for new and interesting content for our readers, we wanted to hear from you about what you would like more information about. We put together a very short questionaire which will literally take 30 seconds to participate in.

We know this mailing list has a mix of adult aspies as well as parents of Aspergers Children so we have designed two specific questionaires. Please have a go, it will literally take 30 seconds and we will share the results with the community.

So if you are an Adult with Aspergers go here and if you are a Parent with an Aspergers child go here


Mark Blakey

Mark Blakey is the founder of the Aspergers Test Site, after a successful career working in IT Mark wanted to share what he learned from his own diagnosis. He is the author of "Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers" and "An Introduction to Aspergers Syndrome". Having received lots of questions from parents with autistic children, Mark went on to found Autism Parenting Magazine. The magazine has become an essential resource aimed at improving the quality of life for families effected by Autism. Its a monthly publication containing lots of helpful articles to help develop social skills, manage challenging behavior and improve communication.

  • Susan Marie Cornell says:

    All my life I have been told I talk too much. I have such an amazing amount of knowledge in my head, and when I try to share it I bore people. I see it in them. I’m a recluse, my husband has to practically drag me out of the house. But when I do get out, I’m told I’m a social butterfly and well liked. But as I get home, I often cry from what I feel is an overwhelming feeling of “stimulance” Guests in my home is enjoyable. But after they leave I “melt down”. But I then I’m terribly lonely. “Often”. There are other issues I deal with, I have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar and boarderline personality disorder. I find myself staring off into space quite often feeling nothing. As a child I spent most of my life in a fantasy world. (But I turned the fantasy world off as an adult). Anyway, that’s a “bit of me”. I refer who I am as “Me”… or “The other Me”.

  • jclaire says:

    Greatest challenge is trying to find a partner to share my life with.

    Secondary challenges: finding ways to calm the overwhelming stimulation I feel at the end of the day when I want to “settle down.” I use a weighted blanket, mindfulness tapes, tried wine but hated it, reading, trampoline, walking in a field and mindless internet searching/reading. The internet thing works most consistently.

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