Service dog prevents self harm for woman with Asperger’s [Video]

I came across this video today which I wanted to share with you all. Im not sure about you but I find immense comfort in the presence of animals when I am stressed. This video shows a service dog calming a woman who has Asperger’s Syndrome. The woman in the video has self injurious behavior and this dog has been trained to intervene. The dog was adopted from a rescue center at the age of one and now knows how to stop the woman from hurting herself by using his paws and body to block her hands from her head.

Would love to hear from you about your experiences of the soothing effects of animals please leave us a comment below


Mark Blakey

Founder of the Aspergers Test Site, author of "Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers" and "An Introduction to Aspergers Syndrome". The website was setup in 2012 to give people access to valuable resources pre and post diagnosis

  • Karen P. says:

    I have never been correctly diagnosed and have called over 60-100 places to get tested. I downloaded an autism test and scored 81%. I had a cat that I bonded with but she had to be put down after 14 yrs. She was a great comfort to me and the only real person I think I have ever bonded with. That was in 2006. She comes to mind often. I am invisible and very isolated. With no help from any professionals I wish I had a service dog but do not know how to get things for myself as I seem to be a poor self advocate. Maybe life would be tolerable and bearable. My fits of rage happen quite frequently but since I am isolated, who knows…I am invisible. And the fits of rage sometimes looks like catatonia.

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